25 People Calling Literally Everyone And Everything Out

We have all called someone or something out before, and we love it when we do. What we love even more is seeing someone else call someone or something out.

There is a weird tingly feeling we all get and a bubbling laughter that erupts. If you are interested in seeing things being called out look no further.

Below is a list of 25 people calling literally everyone and everything out.

1. Not Cool: This person posted a photo of a male wearing a belt around his legs. The person immediately thought that this was because he man-spreads a lot. It turns out that someone was there to correct this person on this matter because people who have epilepsy do this in case they have an episode. This person got called out hard.

2. Lettuce Head: This girl has lettuce on her head and a guy thought that it would be nice to tell her. When he was about to tell her that she had this lettuce on her head she called him out for thinking he was going to ask her out. But really this dude is the one who called her out for thinking that he was going to ask her out in the first place.


3. Dog Children: When this guy continuously used the term Dog Children instead of Puppies he got called out. It turns out this that girl wasn’t having any of his Dog Children business and told him that the right term was puppies. We can’t stop laughing at how abrupt she was when she commented on his post.

4. Washing Machine Car: When this person thought that they were displaying the new CD they got, it turned out someone thought they were displaying something else. One of the comments made about the photo was that the car looked like a washing machine and we can’t stop laughing because it’s the truth.

5. Cheater: This should stand as a lesson to anyone who every cheats or who has ever cheated. The person who was cheated on called out their ex in the best way possible. By graffitiing the ex’s car with the words cheater all over it. This is one calling out that I think everyone can agree is dynamite.

6. Bench Mover: When we are at the gym there are always the people who move the benches closer to the mirror. This sign is for all of those people who do this. The rest of the people don’t like when these benches go moving closer to the mirror. If you really do want to know that you are a big muscle builder, we can tell you.

7. Wings: These construction workers who made this sign clearly didn’t make it properly. Someone decided to take a photo of it and call these people out on the internet. And we are really happy that they did because it’s hilarious.

8. Bathroom Stories: This sign is all kinds of “no” to anyone who looks at it. Who would want to spend more time in the bathroom than you need to? These “Lavastories” are definitely not for us and not for this person either who called them out. We are 100 percent with her in saying, how about no.

9. Scary Kid: On Thanksgiving, we are supposed to be thankful for a lot of things that we have been fortunate to have. This kid took this thanks to a whole other level and is frankly kind of scary. She thanked all of the dead people because they tried. But this girl ended up getting called out because the paper published her quote.

10. Soap Burn: When you want to call someone out in a secretive way this is the way to do it. Carve your thoughts into some soap so that it will wash away and the person might never know they were being called out in the first place. That is exactly what this kid did to their dad, and he may have never known.

11. Bad Parker: When you want to call someone out for their horrible parking skills you want to make it stick. That’s what this person did when they caught this driver parking poorly. And we know that this calling out is going to stick with the person because it would definitely work for us.

12. Paying For A Job: This ad on the train is really going to set some people off. If someone did pay to get their job then that is extremely sad. What we are thinking is that this sign is for is for people who paid for their education to get a job that doesn’t pay as well. In that case, this ad is calling a lot of people out.

13. Active Now: We are all guilty of overreacting when someone tells us that they are going to be going to sleep but the icon states they are online. That’s what happened to this girl when her boyfriend went to sleep but the icon said he was online. She was quick to call him out and then when she noticed her mistake she was quick to call herself out online.

14. Weird Pizza: Peas on pizza doesn’t sound appetizing at all. That is exactly what this girl thought and decided to let everyone know that we all need to come together and defeat this pizza for good. Talk about a calling out of national proportions. But seriously though, we are all with her.

15. Professor: When this girl snuck out of class during a test and looked at her phone she found this message waiting for her on her phone. It was from her professor and we can’t stop laughing at how funny this is. This student just got called out hard by her professor.

16. Relationship Status: When this guy messaged this girl he got called out super hard and we are applauding the girl for doing so. After he asked her if she was still doing kegels and if she was in a relationship this girl responded in the best way possible. It’s safe to say that this guy will not be attempting to get her back anytime soon.

17. Kind Words: When this woman’s son got a great report card home she noticed one thing was wrong with it. The note said her son wasn’t using kind language with his friends. But the son had no remorse and called out his friends for being dumb. Judging by his response there will be a lot of notes being sent home to his mother in the future.

18. Lying Is Possible: This woman decided to make up an entire life for herself to tell people when they asked about her. It turned out that none of it was true and she ended up calling herself out on social media. We are not sure why someone would call themselves out but it’s hilarious what she was saying she did.

Instagram /u/ @3.1415926535897932384626433832

19. Who Do I Look Like?: This girl posted a this picture of herself with the caption that she looked like Rihanna. Someone ended up commenting on this photo that she actually looked like Post Malone. This is one of the biggest call outs that is included in this list and for some reason, we can’t stop laughing that someone actually commented that on this photo.

20. Glasses: When this girl stated that she thought glasses were unattractive this guy had something to say about it. We don’t blame him for calling this girl out because what he said was the truth. It’s not like people asked to wear glasses, they have to to see.


21. Bad Pick-Up Line: When we see a bad pick up line it’s common we ignore it. But this girl decided to go against the norm and give this guy a taste at his own medicine. And in doing so she called him out for his horrible pick up line. Whenever the rest of us ever have this happen to us make sure to throw it right back at them like this girl did.

22. At The Beach: When this photo was posted online someone commented about the fact that one of the girls had a bookbag with her. We understand that but at the same time did this person not look into the background and see some dude with a backpack going into the water?

Instagram /u/ @findmypants

23. Camo: This guy was wearing camo pants and was thinking what a lot of us think when wearing them. How does it really hide you from the enemy if you clearly stand out against a white background. This guy decided to call out camo pants by doing some photoshop work on them and using these funny captions.

24. Car Lunch: This woman’s co-worker always eats lunch in her car. After walking by that co-workers car one day she noticed that there was food hanging out in the car. This woman ended up calling out her co-worker by taking a photo and posting it on social media. We don’t know whether to laugh or be disgusted.

25. Date Mistakes: This person tried to call out all of his exes by calling them mistakes. But in the end, one of his exs found this post and ended up calling him out right back. This should send a message to anyone who is about to post on social media negative comments about your exes. Just don’t do it.

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