Lady Gaga’s Hairstyle At The Grammys Is Quite Frankly The Coolest Thing We’ve Ever Seen

I think by now, we’re all well-versed in Lady Gaga’s rather eccentric outfits. Even if you can’t really “get with” her style choices, you have to agree that they are certainly entertaining.  

They have a shock factor, and celebrities have an intense love affair with the shock factor. So anyway, having seen some of Gaga’s more unconventional style choices, you would think that nothing she can possibly do next will surprise you.

Well, you are wrong for thinking this because she is a professional and has a whole team of people who are up day and night thinking up the next ploy to mess with your head.

In order to keep us on our toes, Gaga will oscillate between very intense hairstyles and very intense outfits. If you think you’re too clever to be surprised, let me remind you of the one time she did this:

But sometimes Lady Gaga will turn the charm all the way up and light the damn red carpet on fire. Here are some wonderful examples of her slayage:

Well, as you would have it, Gaga once again found a way to turn the style notch up. She showed up to the 2018 Grammy Awards with hair that can only be described as “wow”.

Who is the creative genius that came up with this hybrid snake-violin hair? Her head looks like a sneaker – but in the best way.

Like I said, you shouldn’t be surprised about this look, but I guarantee that you are. Her dress looks like a lace version of Catwoman’s suit with a skirt tossed in just to throw us off.

I mean, come on. She looks incredible. She looks like she could play Daenerys Targaryen’s evil twin sister. Her skirt has a freaking bustle. COME ON.

It’s definitely not the strangest look we’ve seen on her, but it’s definitely got us slow-clapping. It is unlikely that her coolness will ever fade into nothingness.

So here’s to Lady Gaga – may you continue to shock us with the extravagance that is your person. And may we continue to gawk at celebrities during award shows, because otherwise what is even the point of them.

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