Holiday Horror As Family Of Four Is Found Murdered At Their Home, Bound With Their Throats Slashed [Video]

Shanta Myers is a mother of three and she was found dead along with her girlfriend and her two children the day after Christmas. It was in their basement apartment where Shanta Myers, along with her 11-year-old son Jeremiah, 5-year-old daughter Shanise and her 22-year-old girlfriend, Brandi Mells, was found dead. Shanta also has a 15-year-old son who was out of town on a retreat at the time of their deaths. Daniel DeWolf is a Troy Police Captain, and in an interview with NBC News, he revealed that the four individuals were bound and had their throats slit.

Police Chief, James Tedesco, called the brutal murders an act of ‘savagery’ and said: ‘after being in this business for almost 42 years, I can’t describe the savagery of this. I don’t have the word. The emotions of a police officer are something you repress because there is a job to be done. But no one involved in this case is ever going to forget it. Right now our job is to bring this person to justice.’

Police did not specify on whether or not there was a possible motive but did indicate that the victims were targeted. Capt. DeWolf said: ‘we’re going to get to the bottom of it. We don’t think there’s some madman out there running loose that’s going to kill someone else.’ Shanta Myers is described as a good-natured woman who would not have done anything to provoke such a horrific attack. Her sister, Shakera Symes, said: ‘she is so sweet. She goes out of her way to want to be loved. She wouldn’t be involved in anything that would be close to deserving this. She’s very mild-mannered.’

Police say that Shanta’s older son, Isaiah, is a ‘concern’ in regards to his safety but family friends say that he has not said much about the tragedy and has ‘kept to himself.’ Police have stated that they have received numerous leads and are looking through an ‘enormous’ amount of video that has been collected from residential houses, businesses, and cars from around the crime scene. The state’s police major crimes and computer units have also been called in to assist.

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