24 Times Men Weren’t Actually Wrong

When it comes to the right way to do things, sometimes men and women have drastically different opinions on what that means. This may not be true in every relationship, but if sitcom couples have taught us anything it’s that the man rarely ends up successfully meeting his significant other’s to-do list. This isn’t to say all men have this problem, this list is more about the guys who have already begun honing their dad joke skills pre-fatherhood.

From complicating otherwise simple errands to taking creative liberty where they probably shouldn’t have, the choices these men made undeniably had their partner’s eyes rolling but managed to make the Internet laugh in the process. Technically, these guys did what they were told to, but it’s the execution where things didn’t quite meet expectations.

Here are 24 times men weren’t actually wrong, they just had a very different idea of what was right.

1. Men may know that jewelry is a much sought-after present, but that doesn’t mean they always have an eye for adornment. This guy’s girlfriend asked him for a 3-carat ring for Christmas and he pulled through, however, only audibly. It’s safe to say that the holidays for these two got a lot less joyful after this gifting.

Reddit /u/ vbpatel

2. This girl asked her boyfriend for a golden retriever for her birthday and a golden retriever is exactly what she received, but that face of disappointment (and possibly relationship contemplation) indicates that she was not talking about a flashy grabbing device.

3. If you don’t want to be asked to do something again, you better screw it up royally the first time. This husband knew what his wife meant yet still made the bold move to go for the gag instead. He may have forgotten the water but he most likely had his wife’s blood boiling instead.

4. Well, at least this woman’s husband managed to successfully complete at least half of the mission. In all fairness, those are technically berries and they are arguably blue in color, but it’s safe to say that when anyone asks for a blueberry, a black raspberry is not what they mean.

5. You really have to trust your husband’s gift-buying abilities if you’re going to send him out to retrieve a baby shower card. This woman probably shouldn’t have, but hey, birthdays come more often than baby showers so at least this recipient can get a solid reuse out of this makeshift “birth” card.

6. “I asked my husband if he could pack my lunch this morning. I told him to surprise me,” Jessi Wallace wrote on Instagram. “This will be lovely with my 2:00 coffee.” It may be intended for cats but who’s to say that tender, savory flaked pieces of shrimp and fish can’t be enjoyed by people as well?

Instagram / @lifeabundant_jw

7. Clearly Michaelanne went one request too far. He may have been fine with making his wife a drink, but stirring it? That’s apparently where this husband’s line is. Though he did comply, this is evidently not how she was anticipating her drink to be mixed. At least it’s presumably alcoholic, which should decrease any worry of germs.

Twitter / @MichaelanneMc

8. “Girlfriend wanted a cake for her birthday, she asked for sponge (thinking a Boston cream cake would be too hard for me) so I made her the most craptascular looking cake I could, made from kitchen sponges,” zphantom shared on Reddit. “She didn’t realize until she tried cutting into it.”

9. This Imgur user shared what he did when his wife told him she was pregnant and then insisted on having a “toasty” shower. He may not have delivered on what she had in mind, but at least she now knows he’s ready to be a dad, at least in the joke department.

Imgur / Reallyfreakingsweet

10. “My wife asked me to fix the toilet,” TheGreatChattesby shared on Imgur. It may not be the most visually pleasing repair job, but hey, if it works then this guy did as he was told. One can safely assume that this man’s wife won’t be too happy until he gets a handle on the situation.

11. The size proportions may be a little off here but this husband did complete his task of picking up six potatoes. Did he get the right kind of potatoes? No one can know for sure, but you can only imagine that this wife probably didn’t see the humor in this tiny excuse of a potato.

12. Getting your husband to iron your pants for you is an impressive feat in itself, which is probably why this news anchor is still managing to smile despite her obvious shadow-casting creases. Hopefully for whatever segment she’s about to film, the camera operator keeps the frame from the waist up.

13. It may be three words written on a toilet paper roll in permanent marker, but it still tells a story. One can only assume that this girl has told her boyfriend many times to replace the toilet paper roll once it’s empty. To avoid her wrath this time around, he made his point, but it probably didn’t go over too well.

Reddit /u/ tegdirbm

14. Just because chips are a commonly shared snacking food doesn’t mean that those who are indulging in them are always willing to share. This girlfriend asked her boyfriend for a bowl of chips, and though he delivered, it appears that these tease-like proportions were out of selfishness rather than selflessness.

15. “While on my computer, my boyfriend walked up behind me and started rubbing my back,” shared Reddit user zombiewafflezz. “I thought he was being sweet, then he sent this picture to my phone.” If she gets a free back rub and he gets to fulfill his childlike temptation to draw phallic imagery, doesn’t everyone win here?

16. “I asked my husband to sort the Christmas lights in the window,” Vicki Leaver shared on Twitter. “This was not quite what I had in mind.” In all fairness, spelling a word in string lights can’t be easy so you have to at least admire his dedication to this canine Christmas display.

17. “I am 5’1”. I asked my 6’2” husband to hang a mirror for me,” shared one Reddit user. While he did hang the mirror, only one of them will be able to see their reflections, and evidently, it’s not the one who requested it. Whether this was intentional or not, there’s no way that mirror stayed there long.

18. “I asked my husband if he would bring me some water,” Jenny Simmons shared on Twitter. “He brought me this.” You may think you’ve made the simplest of requests, but if you’ve married someone who has held on strong to their inner child, they will find a way to add their own personal touch to that request.

19. “My wife wanted her sandwich cut in half,” Reddit user leftnotracks shared alongside this intricate slice job. “She was non-specific as to how.” It may not make for the easiest eat but you have to admire that this husband saw an opportunity to be creative with a mundane task and truly ran with it.

Reddit /u/ leftnotracks

20. You usually can’t go wrong with gifting your girlfriend a piece of jewelry, but you should probably avoid rings until after you’ve popped the question. This may be the most bittersweet gift this woman has ever received. Nothing says romance like a boldly scribbled and underlined “NOT” to start things off.

Reddit /u/ Weezy_F_Bunny

21. In this guy’s defense, you can’t ask someone to just grab a few things off of Amazon without getting a little distracted. Shopping carts can fill up a lot faster when you don’t have to physically push them around or see them at all. Apparently “household essentials” are subjective.

22. This wife may have gotten her husband to get her a “nice little dog,” but she never said that it had to stay that way. Clearly, this guy wanted a bigger dog and you can’t deny that his plan to make her fall in love with him before knowing about his Clifford-like qualities is somewhat genius.

23. You have to be one dedicated hand scooper to lose your wedding ring in the process of grabbing some Special K. Considering this guy probably thought he lost it after realizing he was sans wedding band, this is certainly the last place one would think to look for it. Lucky this empty box didn’t go straight to recycling.

24. This Reddit user shared with the community what she found after asking her husband to do the laundry. Any

one who has ever battled the wrath of a fitted sheet will be able to relate to this one. Even this guy’s wife must have been more understanding than mad when she saw this.

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