Georgia Sheriff’s Warning To Keep People Off Snow Covered Roads Is Hilarious

Winter driving may not be one of the strong suits of the residents of Oconee County, Georgia. The County Sheriff’s department issued a series of Facebook posts warning people to stay away from the roads to avoid accidents (winter driving in the south is apparently not a commonly acquired skill).

The Facebook posts made by a member of the Oconee County Sheriff’s Department are witty and hilarious, as they warn the residents to stay off of the icy roads for fear of causing more vehicular accidents. The icy road warning has received praise and admiration from the citizens who follow the sheriff’s department on Facebook.

The deputy who issued the icy roads warning has not been named but has continued to advise residents of Oconee county that winter driving may not be in their best interest. He also took time to note that yes, the schools are closed and that sometimes this can be a stressful situation for parents.

The beleaguered deputy first outlines to the residents of Oconee county that he is getting really tired of having to deal with the wreckage due to icy roads.

With each icy road warning, the deputy making the posts seems to get a little more annoyed. Here he implores people to just please listen to the sheriff’s department.

The deputy means well, and clearly, he knows how hard it is to be stuck at home with the kids. Still, he maintains that everybody should just stay off the roads until further notice.

At one point, it also becomes apparent that the deputy does not want to answer any more questions about school closures, as that is definitely not the jurisdiction of the sheriff’s department.

Eventually, it became just too much for the deputy to deal with, so he began pleading with the citizens of Oconee County. All caps are the truest sign of desperation.

The deputy was basically just mocking the people in his county at this point, tallying up the damage caused by all of the drivers who did not heed his warning.

By the next day, the deputy still has to warn people to stay off of the roads. At least he helps out by giving them some helpful tips on how to tell if the roads are icy.

Finally, it seems the deputy is relieved to tell people that they can send their kids back to school (the kids were presumably not as happy about this).

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