25 Overdramatic Cats Who Deserve An Oscar

Cats are some of the most lovable animals, but they also have a flair for the dramatic.

If you have ever owned a cat in your life then you know exactly what we are talking about. Some cats are so dramatic that they should win awards.

Below is a list of 25 over dramatic cats who deserve an Oscar.

1. Road Trip: When this cat and dog owner decided to go on a road trip with his pets, he realized his cat had a flare for the dramatic. The dog seems completely unimpressed with the whole road trip idea. But the cat looks like it’s constantly thinking, “are we there yet?” Maybe this is because the dog gets out more than the cat.

2. Dead: This cat looks like it has seen something it didn’t like and is now playing dead. It is playing dead quite convincingly but also very dramatically. This is what someone looks like when they are over acting their death in a movie. And we are loving it.

Imgur /u/ SafeNafe

3. Gross Dog Love: When you are an owner of a dog and cat there are going to be riffs between the two. This photo sums up pretty much how every cat feels when the dog gets more love than them. We can’t stop laughing at how funny the very dramatic cat looks like in the second photo. It’s that look of complete disgust.

Reddit /u/ nanatalada

4. Hang In There: This cat definitely has a flare for the dramatic. It is hanging off of the edge of the bed as if the floor is lava. This is something you would see in a movie when someone is about to fall to their death. This cat might have the chance at that Oscar this year.

5. Don’t Leave Me: We have all been there when someone has walked away from us when we didn’t want them to. The thing is we have never held onto their leg like an overdramatic child does to their parent. But that is precisely what this dramatic cat did when their partner was walking away from them.


6. Vet Trip: The first photo is taken of a cat on the way to the vet and the second is taken on the car ride home from the vet. We see that all is good in the car going there but on the way back the cat gives its best death star to its owner. This photo is priceless and we are loving the dramatic flair this cat has.

7. That Fast: This photo was taken when the owner turned the ceiling fan on. They noticed that the two cats were shocked and amazed by how fast the fan was going. We have to admit that the cat on the right-hand side seems to be going a little overdramatic in their reaction though.

8. Why This Baby: It looks as though this family didn’t notify the cat that there was going to be a baby joining their family. The look of shock and worry on this cat’s face is definitely dramatic. We can’t help but think that this expression is what other children have on their faces when their new brother or sibling comes home for the first time.

Reddit /u/ manychairs

9. Bath Time: If you own a cat then you know how much they hate it when they have a bath. That’s why it isn’t shocking at all that this cat looks extremely repulsed by the fact that its entire fur has been drenched in water. We do think that the look in its eyes is just a bit dramatic though.

10. Let Me In: If you are a cat owner and you let it go outside, always remember that it’s going to want to come back inside. Let this photo be a reminder to you to never forget that your cat is gonna want back in, especially when it rains. If you don’t let your cat back in when there’s a storm outside you will surely get this dramatic death stare designated towards you.

11. Together Forever: There are bonds that are made between cats that are extremely strong. When these two got put into different kennels they still wanted to be together and went to great lengths to touch paws. We think this is adorable but also a bit dramatic considering the cat below looks like the stretch is quite the mission.

12. Who You Looking At: When we get stared at this is the face we pull. Instead of asking someone what they are looking at we give them this stink eye face. We do admit that this is quite a dramatic look and this cat is pulling it off perfectly. Give him the Oscar right now.

Reddit /u/ suitedman

13. Absolute Panic: This series of photos is making us laugh uncontrollably. It is the rise in panic on this cat’s face that is priceless. You can actually see almost hear the thoughts of this cat when it finds out that it isn’t going to be easy to get out of this trap. Even though the cat became a bit dramatic at the end we love the cat for it.

14. Dramatic Eyes: To everyone who owns a cat out there you know that cat eyes are one of the most adorable things in the world. You get to see the dramatic look on this cat’s face when they want something or they have been betrayed. Whatever the reason for this cat to pull these dramatic eyes we are living for it.

15. Long Day: Sometimes cats have the same personalities as humans. For instance, this cat looks as though it came back from a long day at work and sat down to watch some TV. Yet the cat was so exhausted from its long day that it fell asleep as soon as the TV came on. How dramatic.

16. Revenge: This photo was taken after the owner of this cat kicked over its milk. There was no replacement for the milk so the cat sat there and gave its owner this look. Though this look is completely overdramatic we can’t help but laugh. We also think that this cat is currently planning its revenge over this incident.

Reddit /u/ Matind

17. Winning: When we see this photo all we want to say is all I do is win, win, win no matter what. It looks as though this cat just got the gold medal at the Olympics and is awaiting its medal to be put around its neck. This cat has definitely got the flare for the dramatic.

18. What Is That: When we see something that we are afraid of, sometimes we look like this. When we do pull this reaction people usually tell us that we are being dramatic. And now we have to say that this cat is being a bit dramatic. Although we don’t know why it was freaking out we bet it was something disturbing.

19. What Is This Air: This photo was taken when the owner brought the cat out for the first time. We are guessing that a million things are going on in the mind of this cat. And the only way this cat was able to express any of its feelings was through this dramatic look. It’s a mix of fear and awe.

20. Curse You: This photo was taken when the owner forgot to let the cat inside over night. We admit that this cat is being a bit dramatic in its reaction but we do believe that the owner shouldn’t be forgetting about the pet. We are guessing by the look on the cat’s face that it’s currently casting a spell on the owner.

21. Fake Acting: There is no way that this cat is actually being run over by this car. If that was happening then no one would be standing there to take a photo of it. Well, we really hope not at least. This person should be trying to save the poor cat. And since we believe that this photo is just a over over acting and being dramatic we have to admit that this is one intelligent and humorous cat.

Reddit /u/ DontPetTheCamels

22. Wet Cat: If you are about to own a cat or already own one make sure you know they hate water. And yes, water includes rain. This owner found out the hard way that their cat didn’t like the rain when they didn’t let it inside during a rain shower. They were left with this dramatic reaction to the rain.

Reddit /u/ Kithit

23. That’s Mine: When we eat ice cream we tend to not think about our pets wanting any. But the truth is they really like to get their hands and tongues on some ice cream. This ice cream must be this cat’s favorite for it to react in such a dramatic way. We are sure that this owner knows to never again eat ice cream without its dramatic cat.

24. It’s Christmas Already: Some animals love the holiday season because of all of the decorations they can play with. This cat’s dramatic expression when seeing this Christmas decoration is priceless. We are sure that moments following this photo the decoration was destroyed due to this cat playing with it.

25. Stop It: When we don’t want to be touched we recoil into the corner or away from the person that is trying to touch us. That is precisely what this cat is doing. It didn’t want to be rubbed so it backed into a corner and recoiled from the owner who was trying to pet it. We have to admit thought that this cat went a bit dramatic in its reaction. It probably could’ve hid under a bed instead.

Instagram /u/ @cosmillo_blanco

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