Only People With Perfect Color Vision Can Read These 8 Words

Only People With Perfect Color Vision Can Read These 8 Words

Only people with perfect colour vision can ace this colour blindness test. The general agreement is that 8% of men and 0.5% of women worldwide have some type of colour vision deficiency. Colour vision depends on our eyes and brain working together to perceive different properties of light. According to the National Eye Institute, we see the natural and artificial light that illuminates our world as white, but it’s actually a mixture of colours that, perceived on their own, would span the visual spectrum from deep blue to deep red. You can see these many colours when rain separates sunlight into a rainbow or a glass prism separates white light into a multi-colour band. The most common types of colour blindness are inherited. They are the result of defects in the genes that contain instructions for making the photopigments found in cones.

The NEI says we can categorize colour blindness into 3 types: red-green colour blindness, blue-yellow colour blindness, and complete colour blindness. Red-green color blindness is the most common, which is the loss or limited function of the red cone (known as protan) or green cone (deutran) photopigments. Blue-yellow colour blindness is rarer than red-green color blindness and it’s when the blue-cone (Tritan) photopigments are either missing or have limited function. Complete colour blindness (monochromacy) is straightforward; anyone with this colour vision deficiency can’t experience any colour at all. This can also affect the clearness of their vision.

Normally, eye care professionals use a colour blindness test such as The Ishihara Color Test or the Cambridge Color Test to determine if someone has color vision deficiency. Many people with colour vision deficiency don’t even know they have it! Sometimes, a situation will arise where they might realize their understanding and experience of color is different to those around them before they get tested. Here’s a quick colour blindness test that only people with perfect colour vision would be able to ace without hesitation! Share your results with your friends and compare what you see… and what you can’t!

1. Do you see the hidden word in this image? If you can see the word TREE, you’re right!

the word TREE

2. What about this one? It’s something we all like to do… EAT!


3. The hidden word in this third image rhymes with loot… you should see BOOT!


4. This fourth image is a little longer than the previous ones and also describes the taste of most desserts. SWEET!


5. Number five is probably a place you like to take your dog. You should see the word PARK here.


6. The hidden word is LOVE. Are you on a roll? Only two more to go…


7. An easy word but not so easy to see for some. The hidden word in this image is HAT!


8. And last but not least, the final image is hiding the word BEAD. Were you able to see them all? Which ones stopped you from acing this perfect colour vision test? 


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