People Are Tweeting ‘RIP Charles Manson’ Thinking He’s Marilyn Manson And It’s Pretty Hilarious

It’s human nature to get mixed up with people who have the same last name but are completely unrelated. Charles Manson was a mass murderer and cult leader and has officially died at the age of 83. He was also known in the 1960’s for creating the Manson Family.

If you don’t remember, the Manson Family was a group of people who committed a number of horrific acts of violence. Manson passed away while he was serving his life sentence in prison. But as usual, any time there is a death of a well-known person—good or bad—the Twitter world shares their thoughts and opinion.

But what a lot of people were really confused about was why people were tweeting “RIP Charles Manson.” Many of us really couldn’t understand why this was trending in the first place. I mean, this guy was a murderer with a swastika tattooed on his face.

One person tweeted out, “Ya’ll saying rip charles manson like he wasn’t out murdering people” while another person tweeted, “When you see someone tweet RIP Charles Manson.”

So what’s up with everyone grieving the loss of such a terrible human being? Well, a complete mix-up, that’s what! That’s right.

It seems as though some people on Twitter got a little mixed up with Charles Manson and rock star/musician Marilyn Manson. Not going to lie, I did the exact same thing.

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But we are all human and if you don’t know much about either of these well-known names, it’s pretty easy to get them mixed up. Especially because they still have the same last name.

For those who actually know who Charles Manson and Marilyn Manson are, there’s less of an excuse for mixing them up. I mean Charles Manson is a serial killer and Marilyn Manson is a pure rock star. Polar opposites.

But the mix-up did make for a pretty entertaining week in the Twitter world. People were showing such heartbreak for such an evil person’s death and it was clear that they thought they were talking about a completely different person.

Not going to lie, reading people’s “heartbroken” tweets with emojis just made it that much more entertaining. People added crying faces, sad faces, and broken hearts. Oh man, what a bad mistake! But those who called these people out were even more hilarious.

One person wrote, “The amount of youngsters getting Charles Manson and Marilyn Manson mixed up is hilarious[ly] sad” while another tweeted, “How are people confusing Charles Manson with Marilyn Manson? Not hard, one has makeup and the other has a swastika carved into his forehead!”

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