16 Pics You Actually Will Hope Aren’t Real

Sometimes people have very bad ideas, and sometimes they post them on the internet for everyone to see. Those are the kind of hopefully fake photos where you look at them and say “this is not real.” You might be sitting there, wishing it was fake, but the truth is that photo is as real as it gets.

These hopefully fake pictures can have you running through a series of feelings: disgust, horror, envy, and even confusion. However, wishing it was fake doesn’t make the picture unreal, nor does it wipe it from your memory. You may be stuck thinking about it for days.

These 16 hopefully fake pictures will have you hoping that they aren’t real. Unfortunately, these photos are all reflective of reality, and every single one of them may just ruin your day with its authenticity. You might try to tell yourself “this is not real,” but you know better than that.

1. Yes, Tide pods are trendy, but you still probably shouldn’t use them as bath bombs. At least they’re not eating them.

2. It’s understandable that parents might be disappointed that the money they sent you is being used for a tattoo, especially if it’s a tattoo like this one.

3. This is what fashion shows have come to: a model carrying her own head down the runway. Clearly, this will be the fall look to have this year.

4. We have a lot of faith in the people that proofread books before they hit the stands, but they’re just people, and they are totally capable of making mistakes.

5. Okay, those silverware organizers that go in drawers are not that expensive, and certainly getting one is less trouble than slicing your hand open trying to get a spoon.

6. People who are die-hard golfers will make any excuse to hit the links, but maybe when there’s a raging wildfire right beside you, you should just skip a day.

7. Oh, you thought that spider in your bathroom last night was so big? You haven’t seen anything. You don’t know real fear.

8. Have you ever tried to find a parking spot in a busy city? It can be pretty difficult. Best just to park on the balcony.

9. Alright, that seems like a bit much, doesn’t it? How about just asking non-members politely to leave? Or some other middle ground?

10. Not only did these law enforcement officers drive away with the gas nozzle still in their truck, now they’re eating McDonald’s while they’re on duty?

11. Well, that’s certainly one way to modify your car so it grabs people’s attention. The question is, is the truck responsible for all those animal deaths?

12. This is a species of worm that lives in the oceans surrounding Antarctica. Other than the extreme cold, maybe this is the other reason no one wants to go there?

13. There are two ways to learn a lesson: the easy way and the hard way. This person learned the hard way that you should roll up your windows in winter.

14. Sure, it looks really confusing, but whatever helps you sleep at night, right? Who are we to judge this guy, who looks perfectly comfortable in his own way?

15. Here’s a question: is this more or less affordable than just a regular car alarm? Does the snake know not to bite the owner when they get in?

16. Imagine coming out to your hummingbird feeder to see the cute little hummingbirds and instead, you see a praying mantis just mowing down on one. Scary.


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