The Top 8 Things You Should Never Google


The internet is a great tool to have. We use it when we have specific research or questions that need to be answered. In most cases, this is a positive. But there are many scenarios where the internet can be our worst enemy. Take Google for example; you can get any answer to any question by simply typing it in. But maybe you shouldn’t. There are certain things that you should never Google.

The reason you should avoid typing every single question into google is the shock value behind certain answers. Sometimes the answers you get are also disturbing and could potentially ruin your day. But you could also ask the wrong question and also give away too much information with Google.

With that said, I will provide you with the top things you should never google.

Your Symptoms: When it comes to your health, nothing takes higher priority. But rather than use the health professionals around us, we decide to play doctor instead. One of the worst things that you should never Google is symptoms that you experience. There are a lot of health websites on the internet, and chances are a lot of them are not managed by health professionals. You might think that looking up your symptoms and self-diagnosing yourself will help, but it will make it much worse. It will cause you to panic will make things worse.

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Criminal Activities: With all the tragedies that have come in the past decade, the world has ramped up security. So if you’re thinking of typing in “how to make a bomb” in Google, you might want to think again. Terrorist, drug, and control services are monitoring searches 24/7, and your IP address can be red flagged. You may be searching this as a joke, but these services don’t joke about security.

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Cancer Symptoms: Everyone knows the trouble that cancer causes physically and emotionally. For this reason, sometimes the less you know the better off you’ll be. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t find out if you have cancer. I’m saying that you should go through the proper testing instead of using Google to find symptoms. There are so many diseases in this world that have the same symptoms as cancer. Take nausea and dizziness for example; it’s one of the main symptoms of cancer, but it’s also a symptom of pregnancy for women.

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Bedbugs: When you go on a road trip, chances are you’re going to stay in a hotel. Now many people get curious about the environment in hotels and bedbugs are part of that curiosity. If you have experienced bedbugs, you know they harm your skin. If there is no risk of bedbugs in your life, I would avoid searching bedbug infestations.

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Skin Problems: If you fear that you’re developing a skin condition, the best thing to do is contact your doctor. There are many diseases that are connected to skin conditions. Unfortunately, the images that come with these conditions are disturbing and graphic. These images will cause you to panic and you’d be better off finding out from your doctor.

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Scary Animals: If you get scared easily, I would avoid searching dangerous animals. There are so many animals in this world that look absolutely terrifying. Depending on where you are, some of these animals could wind up in your area. But what this search can also do is turn you off from traveling. Don’t let images of terrifying animals stop you from exploring the world.

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Your Own Name: One of the things you should never Google is your own name. You might find your professional profile or your Facebook profile, but you could also find more. If you were on a dating site a while back, that profile may come up in the search. It may be embarrassing to you and you might not be able to remove it. It’s good to Google your name to find out what would happen if an employer did. But just be prepared to find embarrassing and permanent content.

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Childbirth: If you’re a soon-to-be first mom, you might want to avoid watching videos of childbirth. The last thing you want to do is get all nervous and worked up about having a child. You have much more important things to think about. The videos that you’ll see are disturbing and frightening and could cause you to have second guesses about having a child.


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