Paris Hilton Is Recreating Kim Kardashian’s Photos And They’re Amazing

Tis’ the season. Well, not that season….it’s Yeezy season everyone! Season 6 to be more specific. Trust the Kardashians to get creative with promoting it. If you are one to “keep up” with the Kardashians, you’ve probably noticed what’s been going on.

There’s an army of Kim Kardashian look-alikes walking around…but Kim is fully aware of it. It’s all part of her #YeezySeason6 campaign. She’s hiring a bunch of models and celebrities to dress up exactly like her and walk around getting photographed.

If aren’t fully in the know with Kim and Kanye, ‘Yeezy Season’ means the time of year when Kanye comes out with a new line of clothing from his Yeezy fashion line. The way he markets his campaigns for the clothing line is usually pretty eccentric.

This season is definitely one that has been getting the most attention. Mission accomplished.

If you’ve been on Instagram these past few days, you’ve probably noticed that there have been a bunch of people who have been carbon copies of Kim Kardashian.

They’re just walking around the street, rocking their hair and their outfits. What’s up with that? Well, it’s part of the campaign. And Paris Hilton is one of those lookalikes!

She’s imitating the star by rocking her platinum long locks and wearing the latest items from Kanye’s clothing line. Apparently, the two have been feuding, but clearly, the beef has been squashed!

Kim posted a photo of Hilton on her Instagram page, captioning it “The OG”, tagging Hilton. Paris also tweeted about the experience, tweeting “So much fun being a #KimClone in the new #YeezySeason6 campaign”.

Kim is usually on top of promoting her husband’s new brand of clothing before the drop date. According to reports, Kim once dressed in 9 different Yeezy outfits in one day. That’s pure dedication right there!

But this campaign is a bit different. It’s the first time that so many people, outside of Kim’s family, were seen sporting the gear. It probably means that the brand is trying to take a different direction.

This collab between Hilton and Yeezy would mark the end of the long-famous feud between Kardashian and her former best friend. The two used to be inseparable. Among the other models and Instagram influencers taking part in the campaign are Jordyn Woods and Lela Star. Check them out on Instagram!

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