LAPD Reveal Truth Behind Corey Feldman Knife Attack

Actor Corey Feldman was reportedly stabbed on March 28th, writing on his Twitter feed, “IM [sic] IN THE HOSPITAL! I WAS ATTACKED 2NITE! A MAN OPENED MY CAR DOOR & STABBED ME W SOMETHING! PLEASE SAY PRAYERS 4 US!” However, an LAPD investigation into the possible knife attack has since shown that the actor did not suffer any stab wounds to the body.

The police responded to a call around 10:45 PM that Corey Feldman had been attacked. He was driving with a passenger and had stopped at a red light when an unknown assailant opened his door and “jabbed at his abdomen with an unknown object,” according to LAPD spokesperson Luis Garcia. According to another tweet, Corey Feldman was attacked “while security was distracted.”

Corey Feldman checked himself into a hospital for treatment and was later released. According to the LAPD, there were “no lacerations to Mr. Feldman’s abdomen,” and that he was able to drive himself to the hospital where he was reported to be in good condition. The LAPD also claimed that it had no suspects and could not indicate what type of weapon was used in the attack.

On March 29th, Corey Feldman shared more details of the attack in an interview with TMZ. He said that as he and his security guard were driving, they saw a car driving erratically on the freeway, which began following them. Feldman claimed his security got out of the car and approached the other vehicle while it was stopped to speak to the driver. It was after this that the stabbing incident occurred. Feldman claimed that his wound was “like a dot. It was bleeding, but it was like a dot. So I don’t know if he just got me with just the tip of the knife, or if he got me with a syringe. That’s the part we don’t know.”

Feldman’s reps told People Magazine that the actor was being treated for any possible infections and that he “thinks he was stabbed with a syringe of some sort and there is concern that it may be infected.” Feldman also believes that the stabbing was committed by a group of people who are secretly working against the actor, calling themselves “the wolfpack.” Feldman claimed in an all caps tweet that he has had “mounting threats” on all of his social media platforms, and is sure the threats are linked to his attack.

Feldman described his attacker to TMZ as a “short guy, bald head, Mexican fellow.” His rep corroborated his story about the “wolfpack,” telling People Magazine “The ‘wolfpack’ make videos every day threatening and bashing him and while we don’t have proof that they were involved, he was terrified and didn’t know what hit him.” Feldman also said in his TMZ interview that he thought it was strange “that a group of Mexican guys would pull over a car, go as far as opening a door and stabbing the person inside because generally, if they’re gonna do that kind of aggressive move, they’re gonna ask for a wallet or your car keys … This guy just got back in his car and left.”

Corey Feldman had revealed in an interview with Dr. Oz last November that he and several other Hollywood actors had been sexually abused when they were younger. He named his abusers and filed a report with the LAPD. However, the LAPD did not pursue the case as it had passed the statute of limitations. He claimed on Twitter that this attack and his accusations are linked. Feldman attempted to raise $10 million on Indiegogo to produce a film about the alleged ring of abuse taking place in Hollywood. He has so far raised over $273,000.

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