16 Of The Craziest Fitness Transformations That You Can Use As Motivation


With summer just around the corner, many people are starting to think about getting their bathing suit bodies back in shape. After long months of winter and the holiday season it can be easy for our figures to slip up a bit.

All you really need is some inspiration to get you back in the mood to hit the gym or go for that run. It’s incredible what people have managed to do with their bodies when they put their minds to it.

Whether it be for health reasons, or an attempt at getting a slimmer figure, some of the weight transformations people have gone through are truly incredible and inspiring.

Here are 16 awesome weight transformations. Using different techniques, diet plans and—most importantly—through hard work, these people have managed to completely turn their lives around as well as completely changing their appearance.

1. Check out the muscle gain on this girl. Although she looked equally as confident in the before photo, she really appears to be glowing in her transformation shot.

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 9.36.36 AM.instagram

2. Tumblr user @vsginny shared this three year comparison photo from her weight loss journey.  From 600 pounds to 230 pounds, it’s safe to say she’s made a ton of progress. She even made it to 20 pounds lighter than her goal.

3. Jennifer Ginley shared a photo of herself wearing the same pair of pants at two very different sizes. ‘Weight loss was the battle of my life and nothing fills me with more pride than this experience,’ she wrote.

4. One reddit user shared two photos from his weight loss. One was at his heaviest of 255 lbs, and the other at 110 lbs. ‘Worst to best shape, I’ve been losing it slowly in chunks’

5. This couple decided to tackle weight loss together. And it sure paid off. You can see in both of their faces how much happier and proud of each other they are

6. The transformation photo is on the left this time. This girl looks like she’s gone down at least half the size she was before. Good for her.

7. One year of hard work can really pay off. This guy managed to shed of 170 lbs of weight. He experimented with different exercises and built up slowly as well as making changes to his diet.

8. This guy was reportedly told that if he didn’t shed some pounds, he wouldn’t make it. He managed to shed 325 lbs.

9.  This reddit user went from 320 lbs to 120 lb and said that it ‘feels great to be free’ Another user commented telling her she had shed off an entire person to which she replied ‘more like a gorilla that was clinging on my back, dragging me down.’

10. Instagram user @quinsy42 shared her weight loss journey by posting the ‘most unflattering photo’ of herself compared to her transformation. How did she do it? By counting calories and exercising 1-5 days a week.

11. From 255 lbs to 130 lbs, this girl has totally transformed her look!

12. All of these transformations are inspiring. It’s really nice to see people making these kinds of positive changes in their lives and then encouraging others and sharing their tips to success.

13. After a year of running, this girl went from her heaviest weight at 200 lbs to losing over 50 lbs! She says it was all thanks to running.

14. This girl didn’t share her before photos with her boyfriend until recently and when she did, he was super proud and supportive. She lost 120 lbs and the fact that she trusted him to share her before videos with him is really sweet.

15. Look at that transition! She goes from having a very round face to a more angular jawline and chin.

16.  Hopefully these photos have inspired you to get moving and work on your goal figure. Whether you’re a couch potato who eats a lot of junk food or someone who is thinking about losing a few pounds, let these transformation stories fuel your fire.

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