McDonald’s Reveal They Are Bringing Back The Ultimate Fan-Favorite Burger


As far as fast-food restaurants go, McDonald’s is considered a juggernaut. They provide a fast and tasty service and are always coming up with new marketing campaigns for their menu. The majority of them are open 24 hours and they now serve breakfast all day. With that said, McDonald’s is looking to bring back one of their fan-favorite burgers.

They have introduced food that vegans can eat, and have recently re-introduced the one, two and three dollar menus. It’s safe to say that McDonald’s cannot do any wrong at the moment.

McDonald’s gets good publicity with celebrities endorsing their company. Stars like Chrissy Teigen and Kim Kardashian have helped McDonald’s cater to their audience that is outside of the obese and the intoxicated individuals who pass by it at 3 am.

McDonald’s has also introduced their new delivery service! I can’t tell you how convenient it is to have a Big Mac delivered to my front door when the weather is too extreme to drive in. The more they expand their menu and continue to deliver, the larger their audience will grow.

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As I mentioned, they have introduced a vegan line of food for those that do not eat meat. But what about those who don’t eat beef? The only burgers they have on the menu that don’t contain beef are the McChicken and the Fillet-O-Fish. But now McDonald’s has introduced a change to their Big Mac burger. They have replaced the two beef patties with two chicken burgers.


McDonald’s is calling their new burger the Chicken Big Mac. The idea came from customers who were creating this burger from off-the-menu items. When a good idea is created, you should go with it. So rather than beat the crowd, McDonald’s decided to join it by implementing this new burger into their menu.


A spokesperson from an Australian McDonald’s chain said that the Aussies loved the Chicken Big Mac when it was on the menu. As of January 10th, the Chicken Big Mac will be on the menu nationwide.

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Jenni Dill, who is the CMO of McDonald’s in Australia, said that the Big Mac and the McChicken are among the most popular burgers. So it would only make sense to combine them to give the customers an exciting burger to try.


The Chicken Big Mac was on the menu for a limited time at one point. But because of popular demand, they had no choice but to bring it back. Because of its unlimited success, it’s only a matter of time before the Chicken Big Mac makes its way to other parts of the world.

If people continue to get creative with how they make their burgers and sandwiches, there is no telling what other ideas can surface. Instead of eating the boring one-patty burger, take a look at the item menu and create your own.

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So next time you head to McDonald’s, take a look at the menu and ask for the Chicken Big Mac. You’re getting the taste of the original Big Mac burger, which includes the mac sauce and all the ingredients. But you’re adding to the beef patties a tender, juicy chicken.

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