Forget Bora Bora, These Awesome Overwater Bungalows Are Much Closer

We’ve all had an idea and a vision of what paradise would be like. There are several places in the world that can give you that piece of paradise, with a heaven on earth feeling. Of those places, Bora Bora has long been regarded as a slice of paradise, with its crystal clear waters and picture-perfect views. Located in French Polynesia, it isn’t exactly a close destination for all.

Viceroy’s Bocas del Toro aims to emulate that experience by bringing paradise much closer to you. Located on the border of Costa Rica, it is an archipelago off the coast of Panama and is a much more reasonable travelling distance for North American residents seeking their own piece of paradise. The exclusive resort will be situated on the edge of a rainforest, with the only access being available by boat, seaplane, or helicopter. The area is best known for its “laid-back Caribbean lifestyle” and is home to a rich history. In fact, Christopher Columbus himself is said to be one of the “visitors” that came to the beautiful region.

The hotel group involved in the development of the luxury resort is Viceroy, which delivers “one-of-a-kind lifestyle experiences” in “some of the world’s most sought-after destinations”, as per their official website. They “redefine the very concept of boutique and luxury hospitality” and aim to bring precisely that to Bocas del Toro.

The paradise resort is set to include 186 guest rooms, 42 of which will be luxury overwater villas, much like they have in Bora Bora. Each villa will have its own private pool and direct access to the water and glorious scenery. The accommodations are complemented by eight onsite restaurants and lounges, numerous pools, spas, fitness centers, and meditation rooms. Available to you are guided eco-tours, bike rides, hiking excursions, and a habitat for water birds and endangered fauna known as the San San Pond Sak wetlands. The luxurious property is coupled with pristine surroundings that are sure to encapsulate the paradise feel you are seeking.

For those looking to get active during their stay, the property sits on 457 acres of land and offers three miles of private white-sand beaches that are perfect for those looking to sail, snorkel, and surf, along with a surrounding rainforest which is ready to be explored. Other activities available include cycling, hiking, and zip-lining, offering a wide range of activities during your stay. For those who are advocates of our planet, the resort will only be welcoming electric cars, and landscape indigenous plants, and the property itself will be eco-friendly, powered by sustainable technologies.

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All of this may seem like something out of a dream or your imagination. You may be wondering just how much an experience like this will cost you, after all, is said and done. Although the company has sent out a press release, reservation time and costs have yet to be revealed. To get an idea, a one-bedroom over-water suite at the Four Seasons in Bora Bora will cost you about $1,600 a night, while other similar accommodations from Malaysia to Mexico may cost you half of that. It’s definitely intriguing to find out where in that price range this resort may fall, but luckily, you still have a couple of years to start planning your stay.  

Aiming for a 2019 opening, the Bocas del Toro luxury resort is set to pave its way into the vacationing world, offering a piece of paradise that’s a little closer to home. With its turquoise waters, colourful beach towns, and interesting history behind it, the archipelago is destined to find a home in the hearts of travellers. Offering something for everyone, the majestic destination is certainly worth the wait and anticipation, as paradise inches closer to us all.

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