Woman Who Had Regular Periods And No Baby Bump Gives Birth To A Surprise Baby

When a woman is pregnant, it is pretty obvious by looking at certain physical traits; the main one being a baby bump. But as The Sun reports, this was not the case for 21-year-old mother Charlotte Thomson. Charlotte is from Newcastle upon Tyne and told reporters that there was no indication that she was pregnant. She was having regular periods and could still fit into her tight dresses. But in the end, a surprise baby was born.

According to The Sun, Charlotte explains that one night she woke up with severe stomach pain and was taken to the hospital where she was surprised to learn that she was in labor. Three hours after she got to the hospital, she gave birth to her beautiful daughter Molly, who is now two.

Charlotte went over why her surprise baby was such a shock to her by stating that her stomach was completely flat and she was having regular periods. She adds that the experience was a bit scary at first because she was becoming a first-time mom without any warning.

In November 2015, Charlotte, who was 19-years-old at the time, noticed that she had gained 3lbs and felt more tired than usual. At first, she thought it was because she was partying all the time. But a month later, Charlotte woke up at 2:30 am in severe pain. She tried to take some pain medication, but it didn’t work. An hour later she ran to the washroom because she thought she was going to be sick. To her surprise, she found that her underwear was full of blood. This scared her because she had just finished her period. Without any hesitation, she called a cab and went directly to the hospital.

That same night, Charlotte was admitted to Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care hospital where a midwife performed an ultrasound on her stomach and gave her some surprising news. Charlotte explains that she panicked when she heard the news because she was not prepared and had no baby clothes. She adds that she was scared about how her parents would react when they found out. When her parents found out, they thought she was only a few weeks pregnant and was having a miscarriage. But the moment they arrived, Charlotte says they were very supportive and excited about their first grandchild.

Because Charlotte had no idea she was pregnant, there was a chance that there could be complications with the baby because of the constant drinking Charlotte would do on weekends. But doctors revealed that Molly was completely healthy. The Sun reports that doctors revealed that the reason Charlotte had no baby bump was that Molly was tucked underneath her ribs.

Jokingly, Charlotte says that she is still a size 8 and didn’t have to lose any baby fat. She added that she is no longer a party animal, but says that having Molly is worth the sacrifice.

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