Shop Owner Travels 530 Miles To Punch Woman Who Left Bad Review

When we decide to order things online, we’re taking the risk of the items being damaged or being late. So when Xiao Die ordered clothing online and received them four days late, she was upset and did what most of us would do; complain and write a bad review. Xiao complained through an internet marketplace called Taobao. The shop owner went by the name Zhang, and he was so furious about his lower rating that he contacted Xiao and threatened to kill her, according to the Daily Mail.

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When it came time to meet at the delivery pickup point in Zhengzhou, she was met by an unexpected guest. Video surveillance caught a man approaching Xiao with a bag and proceeded to assault her on the street. When asked who she thought the man was, Xiao believed that the man was the shop owner, Zhang. From the assault, Xiao suffered a concussion, fractures to her left elbow and minor injuries to her face and body.

While Xiao was being treated at the hospital for her injuries, she says that she received a message from Zhang saying that he traveled day and night from Suzhou, which is over 500 miles away from Zhengzhou, to teach her a lesson.

How to Deal With Negative People: Dealing with negative individuals is something that everyone eventually goes through. Unfortunately, Xiao dealt with an aggressive, negative shop owner, which can be tough to handle. But there are ways to deal with negative people so it doesn’t result in physicality. According to Psych Central, the first step is to remember that it’s about them and not about you. Critical people are critical about everything and everyone; so don’t make it personal when they target you. Just brush it off, because chances are they’re also critical of everyone around you as well.

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Ignore Them: Some negative individuals inflict their negativity towards people because they want a reaction out of it. They hope to cause some negative feelings with their action; so the best thing to do in this case is to ignore them, according to Psych Central. The more you respond, the more likely they will continue to be negative towards you. Critical people will always talk, but you do have the power to shorten that conversation.

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Give Opposite Reactions: Sometimes the best way to deal with a negative individual is to surprise them with compliments, says Psych Central. If someone comes up to you and says “where did you get that shirt, it’s hideous,” respond by complimenting their shirt or their shoes. Chances are they will continue to insult your clothing, but if you keep firing back with compliments, it will show that their remarks do not phase you.

Honest Feedback: Avoiding conflict seems like the easiest way when it comes to dealing with a negative individual. But sometimes it’s important to consider if the person is aware of how negative they are, says Psych Central. We need to remember that negative people need love too, and sometimes confronting conflict may be the best thing. The individual may not have been aware of their actions and are willing to change.

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