Father Allegedly Called Wife to Tell Her He Drowned Their Toddler Daughter During ‘Marital Problems’

What could easily be called any mother’s worst nightmare, Holly Main received a phone call from her husband Jeremy Main, who told her that he drowned their daughter who was only 17 months old. The crime happened at the couple’s Lady Lake, Florida home.

Holly was at work when she received a sobering phone call from her husband. The couple’s older daughters were in school at the time. When Jeremy was arrested, he was charged with first-degree murder, and admitted to the investigation team that he and his wife were having marital problems.

After Holly got off the phone she called the police to tell them what her husband had just told them. When the authorities arrived at the Main residence, they found their drowned daughter in the bathtub and a lot of blood. Jeremy was nowhere to be seen.

Several hours later, Jeremy arrived at the police station and confessed to what he had done. It is reported that Jeremy attempted to end his own life, but failed. There were visible cuts on his wrists. Jeremy’s Facebook account paints a different picture, as there are multiple photos of him cuddling his daughter, and his sister reported him to be a “family man” and that she was shocked that he would ever do such a thing.

Holly’s mother told the media that there were marital problems, but she would not elaborate on what they were.

Father Allegedly Called Wife to Tell Her He Drowned Google Maps

After the events, Holly took to her social media to address what has happened. She referred to her maiden name of Mackenzie, and issued a statement of grief to her loved ones: “I’m sorry but I can barely talk about what’s happened right now,” said Holly. “It’s just a constant stream of tears and emotions. Thank you in advance for allowing our family time to grieve. I will always love you my sweet forever Baby Mackenzie Moira Main…rest in peace, baby love.”

A court date has been issued for Jeremy Main on November 6th, 2017.

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