This Girl’s Before And After Pics Of Her First Day In School Went Viral And They Are Hilarious

Summer is nearly ending and another school year is just around the corner. Children everywhere are gearing up to start their first days at school, or in the case of some kids, the first day of absolute exhaustion.

We can all remember (at least some of us) how momentous and tiring the first day at school can be. Separation from our parents can be a stressful and downright traumatic experience in our childhood.

In the case of one child, Franky Meyer, we can see how excited she is to start her first day at preschool. A lot of parents enjoy photographing their children on the first day of school to track the progress of their children’s growth. Kelly O’Bryan uploaded these pictures of her daughter Franky, and the contrast between the start of her day and the end is downright hilarious.

Back-to-school shopping for clothes, backpacks and supplies is always one of the best ways to start the school year. In this photo, Franky’s new little outfit, topped with an adorable blue bow reminds us how exciting it is to start things off fresh and new. She bears a huge grin on her face, an expression that conveys her excitement to start her new adventure in preschool!

Here, poor Franky can be seen stepping off of the bus. Her hair is noticeably untamed, her little bow is missing, and so is her little denim jacket. Gone is her expression of joy and wonder. Instead, she has a look of exhaustion and relief.

Perhaps she is suffering from some kind of Preschool PTSD! School can be scary, and even scarier when you don’t have mommy and daddy around to comfort you!

Don’t worry, Franky, it’s going to get easier from here on in! Only 15 to 20 some odd years of schooling to go! Perhaps all she needs after her traumatic day is a revitalizing nap!

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