12 People Reveal The Strangest Places Where They’ve Had Sex


Humans, as well as other animals, have been ‘programmed’ to want to procreate. The goal of most biological organisms is to pass on their genetic information. And as such, humans have been bred to look for the best and most compatible partners.

Now, sex is something that is usually intimate and personal but for some couples, they tend to be a little bit more adventurous.

So Bestie scoured the internet in order to find out: where was the strangest place people have had sex in?

It was on Reddit where someone by the username ‘AnAlternativeName’ posted: ‘when I was a kid I masturbated in the back seat, sitting upright, while my mom and sister were in the front seat. I had a pillow laying across my lap. I just was driven crazy by the need to play with myself… And after I came, I was unbelievably paranoid and ashamed. As far as I know, they never knew or mentioned it. I’m a girl, for reference.’

A girl by the name of Lily posted: ‘on a pool table in the pub. Which wouldn’t be so strange, except that the pub was open at the time.’ I’m not so sure how I would feel about playing a round of pool on that table after that.

32-year-old Sunit Mukherjee told Times of India: ‘my wife and I trekked early morning to a hidden waterfall in Uttarakhand. The place was off-beat, and there was not even a single person near the waterfall till kilometers. We had no plans of having sex, but the sheer beauty of that place and the privacy we had, turned us on.’

A former employee of a nightclub by the name of Susie told metro.co.uk about her raunchy endeavor: ‘on the desk in the office of a nightclub, with the nightclub owner’s girlfriend – but not with the nightclub owner. He felt left out and barred me.’

For metro.co.uk, a diner by the name of Tasha revealed her most public escapade: ‘under the table at a dinner party while everyone wondered why we were so late and debated eating without us. We’d had an argument that managed to clear the room of humans and ended up with us under the table. As so often happens, fighting turned into sexy times. Everyone thought we had gone outside, so they trickled back in and sat down to eat while we tried to dress while suppressing hysterical laughter and trying not to bump into anyone’s legs.’

I really hoped Damian would have provided some context to this short explanation but from the sounds of it, it’s hilarious! Damian said: ‘on the roof of Waitrose [grocery store]. I was dressed as Batman at the time.’ Was it Halloween at the time?!?

Some of us just love nature and some of us happily call ourselves ‘tree-huggers’ but this story takes that term to a whole nother level. Ellen said: ‘up a tree. Not against the tree, up the tree. It seemed like a bright idea at the time, to avoid CCTV cameras. It was a bit scratchy.’

In a Times of India article, 29-year-old Nitin Mehta wrote: ‘it happened in Dehradun when I was in college, pursuing MBBS. The entire hall had around 6-7 couples, and everyone was enjoying their privacy at corner seats. We had just started dating, and could not keep our hands off each other. I will never forget that excitement of having sex in a movie hall, along with the risk of getting caught.’

27-year-old Smit Chaddha wrote: ‘my girlfriend and I worked in the same office, and it was a start-up based out of a small, rented apartment. It was a Saturday evening, and everyone had left early. We made sure there were no CCTV cameras around and made out in the conference hall. We were blushing and avoiding eye contact on Monday. We still laugh thinking about it.’

28-year-old Nihal Jha explained how he was able to fornicate with his girlfriend while on a motorcycle. He wrote: ‘it happened on Delhi-Chandigarh highway. I must say it was the most difficult and adventurous sexual encounter I have ever had in life.’

Probably the most anticipated answer outside of the bedroom: inside of a car. During a Times of India interview, 26-year-old Yatin Gupta said: ‘even though the parking of this mall in West Delhi had some security guards, but it was pretty deserted and our car had tinted glasses.’

An unnamed person posted on Reddit: ‘the wedding took place at a huge farmhouse, that turned into an open, secluded (though decorated) ground. My girlfriend and I were about to get married in next 8 months, and we couldn’t resist the thrill of making out there.’

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