Is This The Cutest Cat Species Ever?

It’s been a long, hard day, and you just want to wind down. What are you going to do to relax? Look at cat pictures, of course. This is the internet after all, but why look at photos of normal house cats? You could be looking at photos of cute caracal kittens and having a way better time.

On top of being the cutest cats ever, caracals are also able to catch birds out of the air by leaping higher than three meters. They also begin life as cute caracal kittens, and that’s really what you’re here for. Once you see these adorable little caracal kittens, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.

Cute caracal kittens will make your life better. They’ll put a smile on your face and make your heart flutter. How could they not? Look at those cute caracal ears! They’re ear-resistible (sorry). Brighten up your day and put yourself in a better mood with the cutest cats ever, caracals!

1. Look at this adorable caracal kitten face! What’s not to love? He’s probably wondering why no one wants to play with him, but we do! So badly!

2. Okay, those cute caracal ears are too much. Just when you think these little guys can’t be any cuter, there are those magnificent tufts right at the top. Amazing!

cute caracal ears reddit

3. There are three of them! Three cute caracal kittens! If cuteness was deadly we’d all be keeling over right about now. How are we supposed to handle six cute caracal ears in one image?

4. How is it that a caracal kitten’s face gets even cuter when you add a stuck-out tongue? This adorable little guy was born at the Oregon Zoo.

 a caracal kitten's face

5. Yes, it’s true. Cute caracal kittens are born looking this adorable. Look how fuzzy they are! Their cute caracal ears might not have come in yet, but they are on the way.

6. Would you just for a moment look at how insanely cute this little fuzzy guy is? He looks so lonely! If only we were there to cuddle with him, life would be complete.

7. Alright, we don’t know who got to hold this handsome little fella, but we are insanely jealous! Why doesn’t every office have a caracal on staff?

8. Even with all the time they spend looking so adorable, these cute caracal kittens still find time to play with each other. It’s just so so precious!

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