A Top Secret US Spy Plane May Have Been Spotted On Google Earth

Google Maps has absolutely revolutionized the way we travel in the modern era. Nearly every Uber driver and pizza delivery driver rely on using this technological marvel. But what if it accidentally maps out a top-secret government project?

US Spy Plane May Have Been Spotted On Google EarthGoogle Earth

Google Earth provides accurate views of our roads and travel destinations by photographing the ground below. Those satellites and cars mapping out views of our world and streets have great accuracy and have accidentally revealed things like possible murders and secret movie sets. Now it seems Google Earth is at it again, revealing the location of a top-secret government spy plane!

Well, we can’t really be sure if this is the case, but it’s fun to imagine. If you look at the photo of the image above, you can see a triangular view of what looks like a futuristic plane inside a parking lot in Florida. What’s the plane called you might ask? Many are speculating that it’s a new prototype of the Hypersonic SR-72 Lockheed Martin Spy Plane.

This conceptual plan is designed for reconnaissance, intelligence gathering, and surveillance to replace the old Blackbird jet. The Blackbird was retired in 1998, and this design could conceivably replace the outdating spy plane. The plane is said to have speeds that exceed Mach 6 using a new type of hypersonic turbine engine.

This isn’t your conventional spy plane. With the ability to reach speeds of up to Mach 5 and 6, this becomes hot enough to melt conventional metals, so the design engineers are looking at alternative materials such as high-performing carbon fibres, metal mixes, and even ceramic.

In 2017, Lockheed Martin announced that plans to develop the plane were underway and not to expect a completed project by 2020. Looking at this image from Google Earth, could it be that Lockheed Martin completed their designs early?

Or perhaps this is just an optical illusion. Seeing an object when a more logical explanation is not yet seen. For all, we know this could just be another movie prop. Either way, it’s fun to fantasize about whether or not this is the real deal or not.

US Spy Plane May Have Been Spotted On Google EarthGoogle Earth

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