Rodrigo Alves The ‘Human Ken Doll’ Talks About His Rib Removal

When you hear the name Rodrigo Alves, you might not know who it is straight away, but when you hear the name ‘Human Ken Doll’ you immediately conjure up exactly who Rodrigo Alves is. In the latest of a series of dramatic plastic surgeries, Alves has undergone a drastic procedure to have his lower ribs removed. His reason? He didn’t want to get his blazers altered. In an interview with the British program The Morning Show, the eccentric fashionista revealed that he had had to continuously get this tailor to adjust his suit blazers because they would never properly fit around his waist.

Now, with 4 of his ribs removed, Alves can fit into all the blazers he wants. He originally wanted 6 ribs removed, but he couldn’t find a surgeon in the world who would perform the procedure. Finally, he settled for 4 ribs, however, in doing so he has given himself added risk to his internal organs. Alves now wears a men’s corset to give himself added support after his surgery. The procedure was carefully executed to ensure that Alves’s spine would still be protected and that minimal intrusion could be avoided to help protect his organs. Following the procedure, Alves now keeps his ribs in a jar to show off to whoever he pleases.

To date, Alves has gone under the knife so many times that it has cost him well over £500,000, which in U.S. dollars equates to over $707,000. The rich Brazilian model and personality inherited a large sum of properties, investments and money from his grandparents, including a large investment that pays for a large majority of his income to this day. When asked about his many procedures, Alves said to The Morning Show: “My advice is don’t do what I have done. I didn’t need 60 [surgeries], I might have only needed 10.” Alves also goes on to explain, “I do not encourage others to do this but I am very happy. This has changed my life from water to wine.”

According to Alves, he is the only man in the world to have the procedure done, noting that it is a very popular procedure in Hollywood but isn’t talked about that often. To date, Alves has had work done on his body including botox fillers, fake six-pack transplants, over 10 nose job surgeries (which included a botched attempt that got him featured on the popular series Botched), pec implants, laser eye colour adjustment, numerous liposuction procedures, calf shaping, hair transplants, and of course the current rib removal procedure.

When you see pictures of what Rodrigo Alves looked like before, it’s hard to believe that the man is the same person. In an instance last year, Rodrigo was detained at an airport in Dubai by the immigration police, claiming that the man didn’t look like his previous passport photo. At the time, Rodrigo had undergone several cosmetic surgeries changing his physical appearance. This was not the first time this has happened to Rodrigo, including stops by immigration at the NYC and JFK airports. Luckily, Rodrigo’s photos are going to be updated soon.

On Rodrigo Alves’ numerous social media outlets, the man says that he urges his followers to refer to him as “Roddy Doll” instead of the Human Ken Doll name the internet has given him. According to an article in The Sun, Alves stated: “I never aimed to look like Ken, but because of my fashion sense and my lifestyle I was given the nickname five years ago – and I have been having fun with it.” The doctor who performed the surgery in Los Angeles is Dr. Michael K. Obeng, who wanted to ensure the rib removal procedure went as safely as possible. Dr. Obeng is rated one of the Top Plastic Surgeons in the world by the Consumers Research Council of America in 2011.

Originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, Rodrigo moved to the United Kingdom to make a new name for himself. The man said that his desired appearance has been influenced by the bullying he received as a teenager and young man. Alves claims he has grown from this experience and is happy with who he is today. Alves plans to reveal two new Reality TV shows coming to air this year, including one for the BBC and one for American Audiences. Rodrigo has actually had therapy treatment, and he learned how to be more accepting and loving of himself. Therapy has allowed him to reinvent himself in ways that he always wanted. His number one warning to others is that they should not go to the extreme as he has, but if they do choose to undergo body modification they should “do their research” as Rodrigo says to The Morning Show.

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