Parents Divorce After 20 Years of Marriage—But On Christmas Dad Gives Mom Priceless Gift

In 1989, Jeffrey Agan and Lorrie Agan tied the knot together, but after 20 years of marriage, the two decided to get a divorce. While married, the two had 8 children together, and like any child of divorce, the experience nearly tore the family apart. Now, Jeffrey has a priceless Christmas present for his ex-wife. 

After years of fighting, the couple got divorced in 2014. They sacrificed for their children long enough but couldn’t bear to be together for another moment. The biggest priority remained in supporting their children through this difficult time. About 40 to 50 percent of couples end in divorce right now in America. The Agan family became another number in this statistic.

After separating, both Lorrie and Jeffrey began to focus on themselves and improving their own lives one step at a time. Lorrie took up meditation and found her own personal strength through nature. Jeffrey who had been a truck driver for 20 years, went back to school to become a nurse. He also began to write poetry, went to the gym, and spent more time with his grandchildren.

After a long time of healing, Lorrie and Jeffrey began to speak to each other again. Eventually, the two began to date again like they did when they first met. After a long while of dating and courtship, it would be a fateful Christmas celebration that Jeffrey would let Lorrie know how he felt after all those years. He wrote her a poem, and by the end of it Jeffrey popped the big question to Lorrie and asked if she would be his wife again.

Lorrie and Jeffrey Agan married in 1989, and now, in 2018 they’re looking to get married for the second time after a few years of separation and divorce.

Lorrie and Jeffrey’s son Jeffrey Jr. shared a video of his father proposing to his mother again on Twitter, and it has since gone viral with over 217k retweets. The family is celebrating being together again as the Agan family and they couldn’t be happier.

In a world where divorce is so rapidly prevalent, it’s nice to hear a story about how true love triumphs over all. Now, Lorrie and Jeffrey look forward to planning their second wedding ceremony.

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