24 Accidents That Definitely Could Have Been Avoided

People make mistakes, it’s all part of being human! In fact, there’s a saying about it…to hair is human. Wait, that’s not it, d’oh! See, even an infallible genius like myself messes up occasionally! However, sometimes people make dumb mistakes, mistakes that could be evaded with some critical thinking or some planning or just straight up paying attention!

Heck, it could even be all of the abode! Wait, I meant above! Darn!

These are the 24  Accidents That Definitely Could Have Been Avoided.

1. No use crying… This glorious expression of love between these two women is a testament to how all human beings should act towards each other. With compassion, caring and most important of all, attentiveness, we can accomplish anything. The one girl’s smile says it all: “wow, I love my friend so much and it’s not just cause I’m drunk either! I’m really ha- say, why am I suddenly wet? I hope it’s not what I think it is…”

2. You won’t like me when I’m angry… If it makes you feel better kid, I wholeheartedly support your decision. Imagine having cool, green tinted skin at 12 years old? You’d be the talk of the playground! Probably not a lot of luck at the school dances, though.

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3. I want to play a game… Maybe this was no “accident”. Maybe the delivery guy was trying to see if he could destroy the people living inside… trap them within their own house, slowly starving and turning them insane… or more likely, he’s a dummy.

4. The AAA paradox. Ahhh! It’s a never-ending cycle! Soon, there will be an army of yellow trucks lined up down the street all locked and all attempting to unlock this poor Redditor’s car. Someone call Leo DiCaprio, he’ll sort this out!

5. Stop! Hammer time! How do you tell her? I mean, it would probably come out garbled and spitty, I don’t know. I imagine it would be a lot like trying to talk with your fist in your mouth… Oh, you meant which words to use? You’ve got bigger problems, kid.

6. It’s the thought that counts. Poor person, all they wanted was to have fresh forest smelling clothes. Wait, do irons have a “regular water only” label? If not, then whose fault is this REALLY?

7. That doesn’t go there! I know what you’re thinking… is that icing? Those are toaster strudels, right? What’s wrong with all that icing, in fact, I wouldn’t say that’s an accident! And if it is, it’s a happy one! Well, what if I told you that was NOT icing, but a cutting board. Not so tasty anymore, is it?

8. They did what? Sure, crossovers are fun, but is this really the film America wants to see right now? The last Pirates movie was not too well received and they haven’t released a Shrek film since 2010. Then again, this could be the fresh breath of air the franchises need. Psh, and they said Infinity War was the most ambitious crossover event of all time.

9. What in god’s name is a cassette tape? Well, why would they make phones the same size as the tape player if they didn’t want people to stick their devices into it! Where is the accountability, car companies? Typical faceless corporations! They’re so clueless!

10. Foolproof. Foiled again, thieves! Seriously though, I hope the person was late or something because this is a HORRIBLE place to lock your bike. Hopefully, they live in a good neighborhood.

11. It’s the thought that counts… again.  Some context here: a husband bought these for his wife for Valentines Day… because he thought they were daffodils. Well, at least he tried. The least he could do is make her a nice Valentine’s day dinner with his… daffodils. Quick question: did he not have Google?

12. FreeDS. The poor guy, all he wanted to do was buy the new Smash characters! First, he gets hit with a ridiculous 15 character code and then, as if that wasn’t inconvenient enough, he gets it stolen! Notes for the future: USE the code before you post it on Twitter to complain.

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13. Brid. The worst part about this accident is that it could’ve been solved with a quick and easy spell check. Literally, all they had to do was google the word “brid”, find out it’s actually “bird” and change it. Heck, they could’ve just asked a six-year-old and they probably could’ve told them how to spell it. At least they reduced the price!

14. Oh no, not another one! Yet again, this could’ve easily been solved by a quick spell check or a two-second talk to a six-year-old. What’s even worse about this one though is that all the painter had to do was look up and to the right if he didn’t know how to spell “STOP”. Clearly, it’s spelled U-R-D-U-M-B. Oof, maybe this is harder than I thought….


15. CANNONBALL! At first, one may ask “how?” such an event could even occur. But when you see the broken fence, the overturned plant and then mix in the probable alcohol that was involved then the scene starts to unfold. The thing that bugs me the most about this is that clearly I am never invited to ANY of the cool parties.


16. He is the night. While this definitely LOOKS like an accident, I wouldn’t be surprised if he “forgot” he had a Batman logo set up on his chest. Then again, based on the look on his face, it may have been a prank. Either way, this man isn’t the hero we need, but the one we deserve.


17. Get off the ice, plug! Geez look at this bender, look 2-3 you’re a pheasant and an embarrassment to the good game of hockey! Canadian colloquialisms aside, all you had to do was look for the bright orange part, bud. Get it together ya freakin’ schmelt!


18. Your prince is in another castle! I’ve never known frogs to be a very aggressive species, but then again I’m no… (quick google search) herpetologist? That CANNOT seriously be what it’s called…

19. Ooh, psyche!  There’s no faster way to ruin the close to intolerable heck that is morning. Thanks a lot for keeping those out, mom! What’s next, fake coffee? Fake eggs and bacon? A dream where I do all the important stuff I had to do throughout the day, only to wake up once I complete it all and can relax? Wait, scratch that last one, it happens all the time.

20. LifeHacks 101. Okay, which one of you geniuses convinced this person this would be a valid idea? Was it you… ALEX? (writer’s note: I’m not addressing this to anyone in particular, but imagine your name was Alex?)

21. Wait… which animal was it again? The tailor’s manager: “Okay Alex, we’ve done this dance a couple times already. Our name is HAPPY HIPPO, alright? So I don’t want an elephant, no giraffes and CERTAINLY nothing smaller than an antelope! I want a HIP-PO-POT-TA-MUS, alright? Can you handle that, Alex my boy? Very good, but seriously this is the last draft we can afford so BE SURE it’s a hippo!”

22. I’m sorry… “Darn it Ponyta! I told you not to HORSE AROUND near the windows!” I’ll take my Pulitzer prize now, please.

23. Peppa, no! Gee, kid’s programming sure is getting dark these days. I hear this week’s episode of Spongebob feature him and Patrick visiting a Russian gulag. I also hear Nickelodeon tapped David Lynch for the new “iCarly” movie. It’s based on the Black Plague and let’s just say that Carly doesn’t exactly make it out boil free…

24. Being environmentally friendly is harder than I thought… I’ve heard tales that motorists hate bikers and vice versa. If that has any truth to it, then I think I know what this sign installer drives. Call it “malicious compliance”.

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