Do Push Ups Every Day And See What Happens To Your Body

No time for the gym this week? That’s rough. But here’s the good news, can still get in a good workout. How often do you do push-ups? They’re among the most basic exercises invented. If your physical strength is crucial to your job, you’re doing them on the regular.  This includes everyone from athletes to military personnel. Let’s discuss the Benefits Of Doing Push-Ups On The Regular.

Will you grow stronger? Does your cardiovascular system enhance? How about your posture, can it improve? We’re talking all that AND more.

1. Improves Your Muscle Definition


Getting in a few good sets of push-ups on the regular will get you shredded! You want to know how? Well it’s a little more complex than simply getting on the ground and pushing your bodyweight upwards, so buckle up! Since there are several different kinds of push-ups, you can work a different muscle with each method.

With standard push-ups, your hands are shoulder width apart. This works your triceps. With wide push-ups, the distance between your hands is twice as long. This will pump up your chest.

With narrow push-ups, your hands are placed closer together. This benefits both your triceps and pectorals. With forward push-ups, your hands are a shoulder width apart, except they are placed about 20cm in front. Backwards push-ups have your hands placed 20cm behind. Both forward and backward methods work your abs and back muscles.

This will have you looking pumped up and in good enough shape to hit the beach this summer.

2. Your Joints Receive Some Help


Forget looking cut for a second. Let’s discuss your joints. Your joints are the part of the body where two or more bones meet. This allows them to properly function. If they have been suffering lately, it is probably best you begin a pushup regimen.

Push-ups are a multi-joint exercise. If you are concerned about your muscles and tendons around your shoulder, start doing sets on a regular basis. While there is no set amount of push-ups for everyone, you should do as many as you can. Various health professionals recommended you do three sets of 12 reps.

3. Push-Ups Help Prevent Cardiovascular Problems


Push-ups can greatly benefits your cardiovascular system. The exercise forces your heart to work harder, in turn producing oxygen. This oxygen is then sent to your muscle’s tissues. But in order for you to get the best results, you need to go hard!

In 2019 study in male firefighters, those who could complete 40 push-ups in a 30 second timeframe enjoyed a lower risk of heart disease and cardiovascular issues over the next ten years.

If you want to engage in any type of exercise, you need to make sure your lungs are in tip-top shape first.

4. They Protect Your Shoulders


If there is one injury you don’t want, it’s to your rotator cuff. This is the joint that allows your shoulder muscles and tendons to function. As we get older, our shoulders become increasingly more vulnerable to damage or injury, which is why proper exercise is necessary. The stronger your shoulders, the better they are at preventing injury. 

The action of doing push-ups works to stabilize your shoulder muscles surrounding your rotator cuff. If the workout is done properly, your shoulders can also become more flexible, helping you function better. This will improve your ability to work physically, especially when it comes to hard labour and athletics.

So, if you’d like to create that perfect spiral the next time you launch the old pigskin, try doing more pushups. While they are great for your arms and chest, the standard push-up form will put your shoulders to work. In the beginning of this routine, most experts recommend aiming once again for 3 sets of 12 reps.

5. They Build Your Core


Strutting down the beach and showing off that washboard set of abs is any fitness junkie’s dream. If you’d like to see it come true, you need to do a solid amount of push ups. Remember how we talked about forward and backward forms? These are the ideal methods in securing that amazing core you’ve wished for. And not only will it look good, it will also be healthy and strong.

Now when we say “core”, we’re talking about everything from the abdominals, to the waist, all the way to the pelvis region. These ab muscles are broken down into two groups: mobilization muscles and stabilization muscles. Stabilization muscles help to maintain a healthy posture and support the body, while mobilization muscles allow our body to move.

Proper push-ups strengthen each of these key areas, reinforcing a healthy back, enabling you to run faster, and enhancing your flexibility. If your core is too weak, it will only aid in back problems and injuries. You can also grow tired much quicker. If you happen to be runner, gymnast, you’re in trouble.

Much like you shoulders, stabilizing your core muscles through exercise is crucial to injury prevention.

6. They Maintain Your Balance


To put it simply, push-ups help keep you from falling over. The exercise trains your proprioceptive muscle fibers, which in turn keep your body balanced.

You may not know it, but just the cat of doing a single push-up puts your body to the test. When placing yourself in the push-up position, your muscles are already working to prevent you from collapsing. Attempting to push yourself upward is a different story. Your nerves react to help your body from tipping over and try desperately to keep you stable. If you’re doing 12 reps in a set, think about just how much that’s helping your balance.

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