People Share Ridiculously Bad Stock Photos of Their Jobs

If you’re unaware of what stock photos are, they’re royalty-free photographs taken by professional photographers that you pay for. Sometimes they can be used without charge for commercial purposes. Although they’re meant to be useful for websites, publications and other forms of media, some of them have been the laughing “stock” of the internet for years.

The bad ones are corny and hilarious for unintended reasons. You can look up stock photos on the internet of pretty much anything. You’ll find an array of professionally staged photos complete with over-the-top acting and cheesy posing.

The hashtag #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob has been blowing up Twitter. Users have been searching for their jobs in stock photo search engines and coming up with hysterical results. There is no lack of sarcasm in the following posts. Check out these 16 Tweets people have shared showing ridiculously bad stock photos of their job.

1. Veterinarian: Whoever created this stock photo has no idea about the anatomy of a dog. I’m no vet myself, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that stethoscope probably isn’t going to pick up any useful information on the pup’s shoulder.  

2. Biologist: If tweezers this tiny are so hard to find, then how did every biologist in these stock photos get a pair? I can only imagine how difficult it would be to get a grip on microscopic molecules like that.

3. Astronomer: The astronomer in this stock photo has uncovered revolutionary information. He’s discovered the rough coordinates as to where space is. What would humanity do without geniuses like him?

4. Hospital Staff: According to this stock photo, in the medical world teams like to build super strong bonds. To do so, they sit in a circle during meetings, ensuring all of their knees are touching for a truly intimate experience.

5. Physicist: These stock photos show just how easy being a physicist is. All it requires is literally writing the word “physics” as well as the equation E=mc2 everywhere you possibly can. I don’t know why everyone thinks physicists are so smart, must be another inaccurate stereotype. 

6. Botanist: I never knew plants were so dangerous! Botanists must know something we don’t because I’ve never been told to wear any sort of safety gear inside a greenhouse. I’ve also never seen anyone in a lab coat admire the flowers at garden centers. 

7. Neurologist: This stock photo version of a neurologist is using a stethoscope to listen to a brain (I didn’t know they made noise). He’s also listening to a plastic model of a brain. Oh boy, I wouldn’t trust this guy in an operating room.

8. Ecologist: Yet another wildly inaccurate way to use a stethoscope. I’m starting to get the feeling white lab coats and stethoscopes are the only way to stock photos to know how to depict science.

9. Lawyer: Nothing is more intimidating in a courtroom than a prosecution lawyer who looks like they just stepped out of a Harry Potter film. Members of the Slytherin house are known to be clever, determined and cunning, maybe the shoe does fit.

10. Professor: Do you think “point at nothing” is in the job description for professors? “Have a beard” and “look very serious all the time” must be in there somewhere too.

11. Scientist: Maybe this guy is trying telekinesis? I really can’t think of any other reason why he would be staring so intensely at that chunk of dry ice. I’m going to say this probably isn’t an accurate depiction of what scientists do.

12. Ph.D.: Countless years of schooling, papers, and research deserves some recognition. If walking around with “I have a Ph.D.” written on your forehead isn’t socially acceptable, then this is the next best thing. Just wear your graduation gear to the library so everyone knows how smart you are.

13. Techie: I always imagined working in the tech industry would be an intense job. However, I never imagined it being this intense. Sitting in a dark room with coding projected everywhere seems like something out of “The Matrix”. 

14. Biotech: Is this that same “blue liquid” we see in commercials for women’s sanitary products? If so, it’s no wonder the male “scientist” is so freaked out by it. The female “scientist” on the other hand is way too excited about it, she’s not even bothering to wear her lab coat.

15. Neuroscientist: Good thing this Twitter user knows a thing or two about how DNA strands actually work. Because this man in the stock photo (with yet another stethoscope and lab coat, they must love those things) clearly doesn’t have a clue.

16. OBGYN: If going in for a pelvic exam isn’t uncomfortable enough, this stock photo took it to the next level. Nothing like knowing everything is A-OK down thereby having your doctor give you a thumbs up while still having a front-row view of your nether regions.

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