Daughter Watches Helplessly On Phone As Mother With Dementia Is Beaten By Carer

Horrific video footage emerged over the weekend as a 78-year-old mother of two was ruthlessly beaten and slapped on video by her supposed ‘caregiver.’ The victim, Sabina Marsden, suffers from dementia. Her two daughters, Gina and Mandy, would usually look after her in the evenings and the weekends.

But after their father, and Sabina’s husband, Malcolm passed away in August of 2015, the sisters were forced to find a caregiver during the daytime while they were at work. The sisters started suspecting the abuse when their mother’s health started to get progressively worse. Gina and Mandy installed security cameras in their home after they suspected that their mother was being attacked.

According to the Irish Mirror, Gina said: ‘we thought her decline was just her dementia, to begin with. You used to walk in and she would grab hold of your hand really tight.’

Mandy had just left the house in Kettering 10 minutes before the abuse occurred. Gina saw the footage at work on her phone while demonstrating the camera’s functions to a customer at an electrical shop. In the disturbing video, Sabina could be seen slapped, shouted at and having her blanket ripped from her. The video also shows the 78-year-old mother hiding her hands under her blanket before the caregiver slaps her multiple times.


The caregiver, Stacey George, has since been fired from Mega Care and since then she has been given a caution from the police. Gina told The Mirror: ‘It’s nothing more than a slap on the wrist, I can’t get my head around it? If I had hit her that day I would have been a lot worse off than her.’


The Northamptonshire Police have confirmed that they indeed conducted an investigation into the assault in Kettering. A spokesman said in a statement: ‘Safeguarding vulnerable people is a high priority for the force. It’s disappointing when victims and their families are not completely satisfied with the outcome of an investigation and we would be happy to discuss this with them if they’d like to contact us.’

When confronted with the video footage, all Stacy said was: ‘I didn’t mean to upset you. I’m sorry.’


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