The Internet Is Loving The Moment When Bush Made Obama Laugh During Clinton’s Speech

Five living U.S. presidents gathered at the “Deep From the Heart: The One America Appeal” event last month in order to raise funds for the victims of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria.

As former president Bill Clinton was delivering a speech at the event, which was held at the Reed Arena at Texas A&M University in College Station, the younger Bush leaned over to say something to Obama.

Whatever Bush whispered made Obama let loose a small giggle. This scene was picked up by someone who was watching and it instantly became a Twitter hit. Many who watched the clip commented that they enjoyed watching the former president’s bonding. Here are some of the best Twitter reactions:

Twitter user Classic Dad Moves wrote, “Bush pulling a dad move, cracking a joke to Obama during Clinton’s speech, and glancing repeatedly to see his reaction.”

Another user, Justin Taylor, wrote, “W [Bush] cracking a joke to Obama while Clinton gives a speech is me in middle school.”

Some people expressed their appreciation. For example, Twitter user Neutrino Effect wrote, “Epically hilarious. I don’t back high school memories. Well done sir, well played!”

Twitter user Dad delivered an epic burn, writing, “Watch this again and noticed Bill just threw down the word ‘calamitous’ so I assume W [Bush] told BO [Obama] I could never drop that word without fumbling.”

Of course, we were all so curious about the exchange. Twitter user @JoshBillinson wrote, “I need to know what George W. Bush whispered to Barack Obama to make him laugh during Bill Clinton’s speech.”

Barstool News (BNN) wrote, “Watching George W Bush making Obama laugh while Clinton speaks is a great way to end your Sunday.” It will certainly cheer you up.

And this bit of truth from Dylan Snoddy: “A gif of Bush telling Obama a joke while Clinton is speaking is something I never knew I needed in my life until now.”

I think we can all agree with Travis Burns: “Bush cracking a joke to Obama during Clinton’s speech. Man is a legend @ComfortablySmug

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