12 Of The Best Twitter Reactions To The Royal Baby News

Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge Kate are blessing us all with baby number three and the royal obsession is becoming past the point of reason. The news of Royal baby #3 broke out about two weeks ago and since then it has taken the internet by storm.

The information that we have so far is that the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, has been pregnant for almost three months. Kensington Palace announced the news unusually early because Kate has been suffering from severe morning sickness.

Her illness has caused her to cancel many of her Royal engagements, for instance, her appearance at a London children’s centre. We are still in the dark about the due date though. That hasn’t stopped people from speculating about the sex of the baby. So today, we bring you the best of Twitter reactions to #RB3 (royal baby 3).

1. @Williamhanson doesn’t understand how the Prince and Duchess keep pumping out these children. He has a point.

2. Kate and Will doing their happy dance are adorable. Seeing them this happy and excited will make anyone happy and excited.

3. This account is very upsetting but the tweet is just facts. @whynottosmile is back at it again telling us why there just isn’t any reason to be happy.

4. When you’re procrastinating, everything that isn’t what you should be doing becomes infinitely more interesting. That’s what seems to have happened to @cmclymer.

5. @Samswannell thinks it’s incredibly rude that Kate took the spotlight away from Queen B. Kate should’ve waited until after Beyonce’s birthday to announce her pregnancy.  incredibly rude that Kate took the spotlight away from Queen B. Kate

6. This is a nice thought. If the Royals don’t interest you at all and you couldn’t care less about their lives and babies, this will still pique your interest. 

7. This is indeed true. There is just too much chaos in the world right now so a baby announcement is a welcome distraction from it all. 

8. This is a damn shame. Although technically they wouldn’t have Kate’s last name so I’m not sure how you could work it in. But kudos to her for the thought.

9. And for all of the “The Office” fans, it looks like Meredith is right about the Royals getting busy “doin’ it”.

10. Kate’s fashion sense is well-known and the items that she wears as well as knock-offs sell out the instant she’s seen rocking them. It’s no wonder that @AngelicaSpanos is vying for some hand-me-downs.

11. How mad would you be if you were Harry? The man is getting pumped by babies. The line to the throne currently stands at Charles, William, George, Charlotte, Royal Baby No. 3, Harry. 

12. But the basic sentiment was the same. That we’re all excited and happy for Kate and Will and wish their burgeoning family happiness and love. 

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