Guy Doesn’t Eat For A Week, And Here’s What Happened

Going a week without food is a pretty hard thing to imagine. Most people don’t even want to go eight hours without eating. However, one comic artist decided that he was going to challenge himself. The artist who goes by Shen illustrated his week-long fast in a series of comics that see him struggling to live without actual food.

Going seven days without food takes Shen on both an emotional and physical journey, and every day presents its own unique challenge. Shen’s seven day fast brings pain, turmoil, but ultimately triumph as he meets his goal to go an entire week without any actual food. According to the series of comics, it was not an easy journey.

Shen’s week without food involved consuming only water as well as a liquid caloric substitute. It is physically possible for the human body to last up to three weeks without any food as long as it is sufficiently hydrated. However, the week without food obviously comes with its own challenges for Shen.

Day one starts off as you might expect, with a rumbling stomach and the urge to just give up before even starting. Only one step can be taken to ensure a continuation of this challenge.

By day two, Shen is understandably missing food and longing for the long lost satisfaction that even a simple bowl of noodles would bring. So close, yet so far.

The week without food continues. Day three brings with it a hyper-awareness of food. However, Shen persists and despite the temptation does not give up.

Day 4 of the week-long fast brings the pain to Shen. Even though he is getting over the hump of going seven days without food, there is still a seemingly long way to go.

Day five comes, and with only two days to go, Shen appears to be getting moody. Yes, food would be great after five days without it, but there’s no need to blame pizza for that!

The big revelation comes during the penultimate day of Shen’s week-long fast. He finally makes the realization that he doesn’t need to rely on food for happiness.

Day seven comes, and it is a huge accomplishment. Shen is feeling like a superhero and exhibits a strength that he never knew he had within him.

And of course, as soon as food is allowed again, Shen begins swallowing it up like an otherworldly monster. At least he went the full week.

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