Aussie Grandma Sheds 31 Kilos In 12 Weeks Without Exercising

Losing weight isn’t all about looking great, it’s about feeling great too. Ana Reyes from Sydney, Australia knows this bit of truth very well after she shed 31.5kg in three months.

The way she lost the weight was simple. Her regimen included a clean eating plan. Reyes’ motivation for her weight loss came after she saw a photo taken of the four generations of her family.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Reyes says she looked back on the way she saw herself: “I couldn’t believe how I looked. At the same time I couldn’t walk up stairs, I couldn’t paint my toenails, it was awful.” Keep in mind, Reyes is 50 years young and these tasks shouldn’t be very difficult.

Reyes explains that she had battled with body image issues and the way she saw herself was making her progressively more depressed. Before she decided to take action she had lost all her self-confidence.

She says that as a result of the negative perception she had of herself, “I didn’t socialize, I didn’t have many clothes that fit me, I was totally embarrassed.”

Now the mother of two and grandmother of five has not only transformed her body, but she has taken control over her life. The hard work and determination it took to change her diet have made her whole outlook more positive.

What helped her was the “123 Diet” which provides a healthy eating plan and specialized all-natural diet drops that help with the cravings people have for sweets.

By staying focused and never cheating, Reyes says, “I’ve gone from a very depressed state to feeling fabulous and confident about myself. As my grandkids would say, I’m 50 and fabulous.”

She adds, “Many people believe a diet restricts you from eating completely, however that was not the case. Throughout the process, I stuck to fruits for breakfast, like apples and strawberries, with some plain yogurt. My lunches consisted of salads with protein and vegetables and for dinner, I ate a lot of steak and fish.”

Speaking about her weight loss journey, Reyes says: ‘I won’t lie, in the beginning, you feel a bit yucky as your body detoxes but after two days I had more energy.’

Now she says she feels absolutely fantastic: “I look younger and have my confidence back.” She jokes, “I even have a few guys chasing me.” Her entire experience with the 123 Diet was so positive and successful that Reyes has recommended it to about 15-20 other people in the hopes that they might find the strength to make the change to a healthier life.

Her advice is: “Just jump straight in, life is too short and we need to live life. Don’t think twice about it.”

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