12 Fashion Choices That Make You Look Tacky

Fashion rules are made to be broken, but there are definitely some that should be obeyed. In this list of 12 tacky fashion choices to be avoided, we’ll look at some of the more necessary fashion rules!

1. UGG boots, in general: Yes, I know they’re cozy. Yes, I know that everyone wears them. But come February, you’ll be walking around with your feet looting like they belong to a salt-encrusted yeti. Avoid.

2. Cheap Knockoffs: I’m all about getting a designer look at a non-designer price. But the cold truth is that most of these things are going to fall apart after a single use, and that’s not the kind of “fast” you’re looking for when you say “fast fashion.”


3. Dresses Over Jeans: Usually, I’m in favour of anything denim. But dresses over jeans make you look like you stepped out of a 90’s-era teen romcom and you’re so done with your parents.


4. White Pants: These can look good under very specific conditions, the conditions being that you never go outside or sit down anywhere or accidentally spill things. Otherwise? It’s a one-way trip to Stainsville, Population: you.


5. “Novelty” Print Clothing: What you’re thinking: “This make me look quirky and unique!” What everyone else around you is thinking: “They look like the kind of person who voted for Harambe as a joke.”


6. Wedge Sneakers: All the discomfort of heels with all the ugliness of sneakers? Why did these even become a trend, anyways?  Hard pass.

7. Pre-Ripped Jeans: If you’ve worn through the knees of your jeans on you own, that’s fair enough. But deliberately buying pre-ripped jeans in some weird attempt to imitate grunge style more expensively has never been “in,” no matter what fashion companies say.

8. Storebought Tacky Christmas Sweaters: Maybe this is just the Grinch in me, but I think buying “tacky” Christmas sweaters deliberately made to look tacky just removes some of the fun from the equation.

9. Expensive Athletics Wear: Listen, I know that multi-hundred-dollar sweatpants and hoodies are in right now. That absolutely does not mean that you should jump on the bandwagon.

10. Judging Other People’s Fashion Choices: As fun as it is to laugh about tacky fashion choices it’s genuinely unkind to mock them in person. And being a jerk is an aesthetic that doesn’t look good on anyone!

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