25 People Who Had To Accept That This Is Their Life Now

We all know that life gets a little messy sometimes. When life throws us these curve balls that’s when we sometimes feel like giving up.

But here at Bestie we believe that it’s better just to accept that things like this are going to happen in life.

Below is a list of 25 people who had to accept that this is their life now.

1. Drinking Wine: When this guy saw a woman at a store walking around with a glass of white wine he knew that something was going on in her life. When we begin to walk around in public with alcohol it is clear that we are hitting one of those times in our lives. This girl just accepted that things were going south and decided to accept that this is her life now.

2. Bad Times Car: When someone is driving in a car that has leopard print on it, we guess they just have to accept that this is their life now. There is nothing that they can really do…other than getting the car painted or printed over. The fact that this hasn’t happened is making us think that they just accepted this.

3. THAT’S A SNAKE: If we found a snake in our homes we would not be handling it as well as this person. They found a snake trying to open up a door and decided to take a photo of this happening. If that doesn’t say that they had accepted that this is their life now, then we don’t know what does.

4. Criminal Dog: When someone called the police on a dog for attacking a deer the owner just had to accept her life for what it was now. It was a serious matter that she may not have had complete control over. We are sure she was nervous about this happening to her dog. But she couldn’t stop laughing at the sight of her dog in the back of a police car.

Instagram /u/ @kalesalad

5. Praying Tattoo: This guy asked for a tattoo of praying hands on his arm. What he got instead was an image of praying hands that weren’t that flattering to look at. The thing with tattoos is that they cost a lot of money and they are permanent. Unless you want to spend even more money to undo them. So we guess this guy needs to accept his life for what it is now.

6. Tight Booth: When this guy went to this restaurant we are sure that he didn’t know he was going to be sitting in a tight space. We are guessing the only reason he is sitting here is that there were no other seats. When it gets to this point of ridiculousness you just need to accept your life for what it is now.

7. Blind Man Driving: When you first look at this truck you immediately think that an actual blind man is driving. This is sort of true considering that the guy driving the van is actually selling blinds. The person driving this van is making the most of his job and accepting their life for what it is now.

8. IT’S A SPIDER: If we found a spider in our eye drops we would probably be freaking out. Yet this person decided to stay calm and accept their life for what it is now. Instead of freaking out they decided to take a photo of the spider that somehow got into their eye drops. We really hope that those eye drops got thrown out immediately after this photo was taken.

9. Broken Phone: If we looked at our phone and it was smashed as much as this one was we could completely lose it. Yet this person managed to stay calm even though their phone is clearly unusable. We guess when things happen to our phones that make them look like damaged goods it’s time to accept life for what it is now. That’s the only way we can move on.

Instagram /u/ @will_ent

10. Fast Food Employee Problems: For anyone out there who has worked at a fast food restaurant you know how random your problems can be sometimes. When you don’t have the food that a customer wants they tend to get angry and do the strangest things, like this lady. When things like this happen you have to accept your life for what it is now and move on.

11. Doggie Weight: We are not sure what is making this dog be in such a shock but we have a suspicion it might be its weight. This photo can speak to many of us when we get on the scale and notice that we have gained or lost weight without realizing it. When these moments happen it’s time to accept our lives for what they are now and try to fix what we don’t like.

12. Inside Car Wash: This dog managed to open the window of the car during a car wash and judging by the look on his face it didn’t end well. If you look closely at the first photo you will see the mess that has been made due to this happening. But instead of getting upset this person took a photo of her dog and the mess and accepted their life for what it is now.

Instagram /u/ @kalesalad

13. Half Cut: We take our hair very seriously because we see it as an extension of who we are. So when this guy got half his beard and hair taken off and still looked happy we were shocked. Looks like he accepted his life for what is now and is trying to move on. Really all he has to do shave the other side off anyways.

14. Snow Weather: This guy moved back home to Minnesota from Houston and the snow was there to give him a big hello. Anyone who has experienced snow like this will know that it’s never a good feeling having to drive in it. Looks as though he is snowed in also. Not the best way to have a welcome home party but hopefully he accepts his life for what it is now.

Reddit /u/ masterweaker

15. Stop Here, But Don’t: There aren’t many times when life tells you to do two things at once that are complete opposites. But when it does, you better just accept your life for what it is now. That’s what happened to this person when they hit this “stop but don’t stop sign” in this intersection.

Reddit /u/ NullBitten

16. What Is Happening?: When these ladies went on a trip we bet they never thought this would be happening to them. The look of fright on their faces is priceless and we are sure they will never forget this experience. If this happened to us we would have to just accept how our lives are now.

17. Sweatpant Problems: When this guy was asked by his friend for his sweatpants to take an exam at school, he did the right thing and handed them over to her. He then hung out in the bathroom with booty shorts on for 50 min and maybe even more for her to be finished her exam. We guess that he just had to accept his life for what it was.

18. Lacey, Lacey: When this woman got her name changed on her ID it didn’t turn out the way she thought it would. She ended up getting the same name printed on her ID for her first and last name. She will be further known as Lacey Lacey and we hope she can accept it because it’s her life now.

19. Snake Family: This is a photo of a snake hanging out with a family in a park in Philadelphia. Thought this family might think this is perfectly normal, most of society doesn’t. But if you happen to be in a park and see this family will you have to accept your life for what it is now. Because it doesn’t look like you will ever unlive this.

20. Should I Quit My Job?: We bet that when this kid got his photo taken he wouldn’t be turned into a meme. But that is precisely what happened to him and we hope that he has accepted that this is his life now. And to be honest, this image really sums up the meme perfectly.

21. How To Dye A Wig 101: When this girl was on her way out of the house she decided to multitask and dye her wig. She ended up hanging the wig outside of the car window and drove around for it to dry. This might be a really quick and skilled way of drying your dyed wig when running late. And we have to admit that this is one way to accept the way your life is now.

22. Wrong Order: When this guy was sent the wrong order he made the best come out of a bad situation. Which is another way to say that he accepted his life for the way it is now. When he got sent the wrong order in the mail he ended up trying on the dress and taking a picture. He then posted it online to prove to the company that they sent him the wrong order.

23. Matching Problems: When a person came out of the store and noticed that this child was laying on the ground they asked the child’s father what happened. And the father replied the kid was upset that the child’s gloves matched his jacket. We have been there when we were a kid and we will all be there when we are parents. Best to just accept that is your life now.

24. Gigantic Bag: With the help of this giant bag you won’t need to have a home. Or if you are the friend of someone with a bag this big you won’t ever have to worry about packing again. But for the friend who owns this bag, they will have to accept their life for what it is now. And that life is one that revolves around carrying their friend’s items.

Instagram /u/ @wot_u_sayin_tho

25. Vending Machine Problems: We have all had this happen to us. We pay for something out of the vending machine but it gets stuck. For this person they tried to buy something else, hoping it would push the bag of chips out. This didn’t work out and ended up getting two items stuck. This person needs to accept their life for what it is now, and that is a life without snacks.

Reddit /u/ DukeofEarl69

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