Dakota Johnson Has Amazing Reaction To Angelina Jolie Ignoring Jennifer Aniston At Golden Globes

Dakota Johnson giving Angelina Jolie side-eye as Jennifer Aniston presented at the Golden Globes is all of us. Dakota Johnson and Angelina Jolie are two names that aren’t seen together often but that all changed when Dakota was seen staring Angelina down at the Golden Globe Awards. This year, the ceremony had a very different tone as many actors and actresses wore black to support the #TimesUp movement, an initiative combating sexual harassment in the workplace.

Other than that, the Globes were business as usual, handing out achievements in American film and television (although Natalie Portman made sure to make a dent in that process, shedding light on the fact that no female directors were nominated for an award). But when it comes to Hollywood, it’s hard to ignore that juicy Hollywood gossip, and one moment no one could ignore is the fact that Angelina Jolie ate through Jennifer Aniston presenting an award.

It might not seem that unusual to see a celebrity stuffing their face with whatever food they can at these award shows, as they often complain about the lack of food there. But it didn’t go over anyone’s head that actress and director Angelina Jolie chose to mow down while Jennifer Aniston took the stage, considering their history. Apparently, Dakota Johnson isn’t past the gossip either, as she’s seen side-eyeing Angelina Jolie in a shot taken from behind Jen Aniston, who was presenting an award to Carol Burnett.

In the photo, Angelina Jolie is at a table directly across from the stage, caught in the process of getting in a bite to eat, and sitting across from her at the table was How To Be Single’s Dakota Johnson with the widest eyes you’ll ever see. I mean, can you blame her? This Team Angelina, Team Jennifer thing was ingrained in our minds for years during the Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston divorce, and still continued long after Brangelina formed. In case you need a refresher on the history between these two talented actresses, here’s a quick recap: Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were married for five years. But unfortunately in 2005, they got divorced, and rumor had it Angelina Jolie “stole” Brad from Jennifer while shooting Mr. & Mrs. Smith, as the divorce happened shortly after the film wrapped up. In 2014, Brangelina made it official and got married, but unfortunately, it didn’t last and in 2017, Brangelina divorced.

So you can’t blame the 50 Shades of Grey actress for trying to sneak a peek at Angelina’s reaction to Jennifer Aniston’s presence on stage. Maybe Angelina knew people would be watching her reaction curiously and started nervously eating. Maybe she was just really hungry. Either way, the tense nature of the situation was not lost on Dakota, and you can’t help but read into the expression on her face in the photo and what her eyes are clearly screaming: drama!

Dakota Johnson, like the rest of us, couldn’t seem to contain her curiosity when it came to the riveting Angelina Jolie. Either that, or she had just realized in that exact moment that Angelina Jolie was sitting at her table and started freaking out.

The hilarious image got a lot of attention on Twitter. Many viewers who had previously taken up a Team Angelina or Team Jennifer t-shirt seemed to have banned together behind the two Hollywood stars, hoping to see them united. I mean, after all, they do have something in common now; they both married and divorced Brad Pitt! Many hoped to see solidarity between the two, some Twitter users even expressing wishes that the two would end up on stage together.


Other Twitter users are still hanging onto the 2005 feud (it’s been over 10 years, people!) and found it funny that Angelina Jolie was forced to give Carol Burnett a standing ovation, and by association Jennifer Aniston too. Brad Pitt seemed to be exempt from the scrutiny and is nowhere to be found, reaction shot or otherwise.

According to the latest rumors, Brad Pitt has tried out dating again, being linked to actresses Jennifer Lawrence and even Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent co-star, 21-year-old Ella Purnell. We could all use a little chuckle in these trying times, so Dakota Johnson’s side eye was the break we all needed. Now, let’s go back to focusing on what really matters at this year’s Golden Globes: #TimesUp.

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