Chef Calls Out People’s ‘Fake Food Allergies’ With One Epic Post

Do you know those vegetarians who love eating chicken wings? Or the ones who only eat plant-based foods but as soon as a steak comes right in front of them, there’s an exception. Someone should really call these people out!

That’s exactly what Patrick Friesen did. He’s the head chef at Queen Chow in Enmore, Australia and he has a few words to say for the vegetarians who love their chicken burger. He called these types of people out on an Instagram post.

According to Indy100, he posted a photo on July 15th sharing an image of a number of dinner orders that were full of conflicting dietary requirements from customers, including “fake allergies.” But his issue wasn’t with the people who actually had legitimate allergies.

His problem was with the people who would use the allergy excuse to hide their dietary habits or those people who have inconsistent diets.

Friesen wrote on his Instagram, “Can people with dietary requirements start knowing what you can and can’t eat?”

He continued, noting “Shellfish allergy but loves oyster sauce, Gluten-free but loves gluten as long as it’s not a piece of bread”

Chef Calls Out People's 'Fake Food Allergies' With One Epic PostInstagram @patrickfriesen

He added, “…Vegetarians that love a chicken wing…pescatarians who eat chicken…” The list can honestly go on and on.

He then decided to give some advice to those people out there. He wrote, “Sort your stuff out and let your waiter know. You make it really damn hard for people with actual allergies and dietary restrictions to go out to eat.”

Chef Calls Out People's 'Fake Food Allergies' With One Epic PostInstagram @patrickfriesen

Not surprisingly, people had a lot to say about this Chef’s post. People who are more on the picky side responded in a pretty hostile way.

Then there were those who actually had allergies but noted that people tended to lump them with the rising number of picky eaters.

Friesen elaborated more on his issue to the Daily Telegraph. He noted that there are people who say they’re allergic to onions but just don’t want to have bad breath. That’s frustrating for the kitchen staff.

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