Blake Lively’s Deadpool Premiere Dress Was Covered In Hidden Messages

The idiom “Behind every great man is a great woman” has been around since the 1940s. It’s a real classic, showcasing the fact that everyone, regardless of who they are, could use a great partner to stand by their side. And could you ask for a greater, more classic partner than Blake Lively? Recently, on the heels of a new Deadpool movie, which is shaping up to be as big of a hit as the original, Blake Lively decided to show her supportiveness of her husband, who happens to be the star and titular character of the upcoming Rated-R Marvel film.

Standing at a daunting 5 ft 10, with gorgeous blonde hair and a picturesque look about her, this actress is as talented and funny as she is beautiful. Since 2012, she has been married to another gorgeous, picturesque actor, Ryan Reynolds, and the two are an amazingly brilliant couple. Constantly taking playful jabs at each other or making jokes at the other’s expense, they represent the kind of relationship we would all die for. Calling them absolutely adorable would be a total and complete understatement, these two are the poster children of love and support.

Blake’s dress and attire were all one big reference to Deadpool and we would like to go over it with you right now. We’ll point out all the references we were able to catch as well as just the general beauty of both her and her attire. Let’s dive right into Blake Lively and her dress.

Let us begin with the dress itself. It is a combination of the colour midnight black clashing with candy apple red. There is a certain sheen to the black part of the dress and the red part seems to be some sort of sash tied around the waist. Some of you may not be aware of this, but these are the same colors the superhero known as Deadpool uses on his own costume. We can, of course, assume that this was intentional, as she has stated that she wore the colors because she was “Proud of [her] Deadpool.”

She goes on to speak about the sometimes confusing duality between her husband and his counterpart, adding: “I mean my husband. I mean Deadpool. Honestly I can’t tell the [expletive] difference!”. This was, of course, meant to be tongue in cheek, Deadpool is, of course, a fictional character. Still, the love she feels for her husband and the support she gives him is truly inspiring.

Lively goes on to comment about how many people it takes to get a woman ready in Hollywood, shining light on the amount of work that has to be done to get women to look as pretty as they do on the red carpet. A statement to reassure girls everywhere that Hollywood superstars aren’t always as pretty as they seem. Truly, Mrs. Lively is not only supportive and loving but humble as well.

However, from her beautiful interior, we must move to her stunningly gorgeous exterior, specifically the accessories she chose to wear at the Deadpool 2 premiere. Once again, she chose to support her husband by wearing some things related to his film. Most, if not all, were references to either the upcoming or previous Deadpool movies, which we’ll explore right now together.

Firstly, she decided to take with her a clutch that was a replica of the Party Mix from the film. No, this is not the same cassette from the Guardians of The Galaxy movies, but instead, one that Deadpool listens to during his sequel. Whether or not it will play an integral part in the film, we don’t know, but it certainly played an integral part in Ms. Lively’s outfit.

Next, we see that Blake Lively is wearing a ring bearing the fist of the character of Colossus. For those of you who haven’t seen the first movie, Colossus was a fairly integral part of the story and is returning once again for the sequel. Could Colossus be Blake Lively’s favorite character? I know at least one person who would be jealous of that.

It seems I spoke too soon, as one of her nails features a picture of Deadpool in the shape of a heart, probably signifying that she loves her husband and the character that he acts as. Then again, Ms. Lively, this probably isn’t helping you with your aforementioned issue of distinguishing between your husband and the character he plays on screen.

Finally, we explore the last of Blake Lively’s Deadpool-related accessories, two nails that feature a picture of Deadpool and the X-Force symbol respectively. Deadpool is there for obvious reasons that I don’t feel I need to explain further, but the X-Force is a new addition to the film franchise. Will they become the X-Men universe’s newest franchise? Perhaps we’ll see Mrs. Lively in future installments of the Deadpool series. Who knows, if she keeps dressing like him, she might even be Deadpool in the next movie!

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