Viral 4-Second Audio Clip Is Dividing The Internet

Wow, I can’t believe it’s 2015! Man, what a great year it is too! I mean sure, the attacks on Charlie Hebdo were awful and heartbreaking, but at least mass shootings are going to end soon! I mean, there’s no way they don’t put harsher legislation on guns after all the terrible things going on! And hey, look at this golden dress I just saw on the internet! What do you mean it’s gold? Burn the heretic, get him off the internet forever! But hey, before we burn you, have you listened to this audio clip? Do you hear Yanny or laurel? Yanny? How can you be so stupid, burn the here– oh, that’s right, we’re mid-burn.

Wait a minute, it’s not 2015! There are still terrorist attacks, mass shootings and Republicans! Worst of all, they totally screwed up the seventh Star Wars movie! What’s this whole Yanny and Laurel thing that the internet has gone so crazy over? Apparently, it’s a lot like that dress meme that broke the internet all those years ago. When you play the clip you hear either the word Yanny or Laurel and people are going absolutely bonkers about it.

According to my scientist genius girlfriend, she was reading an article about it this morning and apparently, you hear whatever word you were thinking about subconsciously. After some extensive research of my own, I found the entire, messed up tale of this wacky ol’ meme. Ready to take a dive in with me, dear Readers? Of course you are, you’ve come this far haven’t you?

This thing started where things usually start, on Reddit (either that or Twitter, Facebook or Instagram). Someone posted the dividing audio clip to the subreddit r/blackmagicflipfloppery, except they didn’t use flip-floppery.

It really blew up when there was a thread on Twitter asking followers which one they heard: Laurel or Yanny. No one could have predicted the level of overwhelming meme-levels that this simple tweet would reach. Or maybe, in a strange symbiotic way, we all knew it would go viral? Because there’s nothing people love more than pointlessly yelling at each other on the internet and escalating arguments to death threats in a Youtube video’s comments section.

 The 4-Second Viral Audio Clip Is Dividing InternetTwitter

Anyways, it’s blown up even more since, with many people being divided on the issue. There are even some who are making the issue more divisive, saying they can hear both. Lies and slander! Stop trying to be such a people-pleaser and just have a passionate opinion on a topic that will ultimately stop mattering in a few days.

Which one of YOUR friends will you abandon because of this internet sensation? Will it be the air force, who is in real hot water after comparing the Laurel and Yanny meme to the Afghani war? Now that’s what I call class-ay!


I heard my grandmother heard Yanny, which means she’s a heretic and must be burned with the rest of them. I don’t CARE if you don’t use the internet, GRAND-MA, you should’ve heard Laurel when I played it for you. That’s right: this is the level of intensity we’re bringing into this Yanny vs. Laurel debate.


There are even some major celebrities and organizations weighing in on the subject. The funniest and possibly saddest reply of all is NPR’s, who said: “We’re just happy you’re listening to audio on the internet.” Way to bum us out with your “Please Listen To My Podcast” discourse, guys.

Anyways, prepare your torches and pitchforks fellow Laurel hearers, we’re going to war! And for those of you who have yet to try it out, go ahead! But you better hear Laurel! And you better get into meaningless fights with people online over which one is the right word!

Jake Bean

Are you team Yanny or team Laurel? Or, alternatively, are you in the team of people who hear both at the same time, or hear one first, then the other during a second listen? It can feel a little bit like you’re losing your mind, just like with the Blue/Gold dress dilemma. Let us know in the Facebook comments!

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