15 Pairs Of The Most Beautiful Eyes From Around The World

It’s crazy to think how much diversity exists in this world. Everyone has attributes that are unique to them and that’s what makes them stand out from others. Seeing someone who looks completely different from us, in an alluring or beautiful sort of way, can make us feel a certain way.

But have you ever really paid attention to the diversity of one particular feature that we all have? Eyes are what a lot of us look at when we meet someone. They are an extremely expressive attribute, with a selection of different colors.

Not only do they look beautiful, but eyes can tell you a lot about a person, even through a simple, silent gaze. Everyone knows that eyes are called the window into one’s soul. People just can’t help but be attracted to eyes.

If you don’t really get what the big deal is with eyes, we’ve compiled 15 pairs of the most beautiful eyes from around the world.

#1 The Eye Care Centre

1. Mutations in genes cause some people from East India to have blue eyes. Just look at this photo. Gorgeous.

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2. This little redhead can draw anyone in with her piercing blue eyes. It’s actually hard to look away.

3. These adorable twins aren’t just super cute, but their light blue eyes give them a completely unique look.

4. It’s interesting to think that a slight difference in genetics can create a unique, beautiful human being.

5. This little girl’s eyes don’t just look beautiful, but they are extremely expressive. We can tell just by looking at her that she is a sweet and kind person. It says it all in her eyes.

6. This is a photo of a member of the pygmy. They are a group whose average height is actually unusually short. This little girl’s eyes give her a fierce look and we totally love it.

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7. This kid is more than just your typical blonde hair-blue eyed child. His stare makes the photo speak a thousand words. We suspect he has a future in modeling some day.

8. This girl is beautiful as it is, but the contrast of her eyes just adds something extra.

9. This little girl’s stare looks like she’s looking deep into your soul. On top of that, is it just us or are her eyes also a mirror? You can totally see someone’s reflection.

10. A smile can really change a person’s appearance. Having friendly eyes can do a lot as well. This girl’s beautiful eyes tell a lot about her personality.

11. Okay, this little boy is absolutely adorable. The look he gives looking out the window is captivating. His big blue eyes really give him an intellectual look.

12. Besides this girl’s cheekbones being perfection, her big dark eyes force us to be completely hypnotized. They are captivating.

13. Okay, this is another darker skinned, light eyed baby, but we couldn’t leave this little guy out of the list. His eyes are something special and we can’t look away!

14. This girl is probably a model. We can’t help but look at anything else but her beautiful, dark brown eyes. The makeup really helps make them stand out.

15. Makeup or not, this girl’s light green eyes are nothing short of amazing. Just by looking at her, her stare tells us a lot about the kind of person that she is.

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