Abby Lee Miller Explains Herself, Shows Off Dramatic Weight Loss In Prison

Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller, who is in prison for several counts of bankruptcy fraud, posted a recent Instagram message showing off her weight loss and explaining the rationale behind her actions.

Last May, the reality TV star pleaded guilty to bankruptcy fraud, concealment of bankruptcy assets and false bankruptcy declarations. She was sentenced to 366 days in prison, which she is serving in California’s Victorville Federal Correctional Institution and two years of supervised release afterward.

On January 21st, Miller posted an Instagram update from prison, featuring a photo of herself wearing a prison uniform with several visitors. In the post, which has since been deleted, she explained that she “trusted the wrong people and didn’t pay any attention to the things I should of [sic].” However, she added, “I’m more than sorry for the mistakes I have made.”

In the picture, Miller has clearly lost weight since her gastric bypass surgery in April of last year. That isn’t the only change the star has made; in her post, she said that she’s tried to “better [herself] through the experience.” According to US Weekly, Miller has completed an Adult Continuing Education class, a real estate certificate, and a personal finance class while in prison.

“My world flipped upside down when I had to enter prison,” her Instagram message continued. She refuted rumors that she had acted like “a princess” on entering the prison system, and said that she “did so with grace.”

She also addressed circulating rumors that she is to be released in February 2018, saying “All the press stories and speculation are not entirely correct however, I am feeling hopeful.” The rumors may have started because similar white-collar offenders serve generally around nine months of their sentence.

Miller is clearly already thinking about what she will do after being released. In an earlier post, on January 17th, she asked her followers who would be interested in another season of Dance Moms. “I am feeling great and ready to turn over a new leaf,” She added, in her most recent message.”Thank you so much to everyone for your support, especially my nearest and dearest I love you all.”

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