These Design Decisions That Make Absolutely No Sense

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Humans have made some pretty terrible design decisions during their time here on planet Earth. Many of them have stuck around forever, while some of them have faded away into obscurity. However, despite our best efforts, and the continuing advancement of technology, we are still making terrible design decisions. When will we learn?

Apparently, if these photos are any indicator, never. We will never learn. We’ll just keep making the same design mistakes, over and over again until the end of time. Even then, we’ll probably build a monument to humanity that has a weird face on it or something. The aliens who visit Earth after we’re gone are definitely going to mock our terrible design decisions.

As they should, because you know what? If we’re going to continue producing items like the ones on this list, then we deserve the ridicule of all other planetary races. We may never live long enough to see them, and maybe that’s a good thing. I’m not sure if humans could take that kind of rejection. For now, we’ll just have to wallow in (and laugh at) our own terrible design decisions.

1. Who wouldn’t want to wash their hands under Pinocchio’s nose? No one? Of course no one! This is the kind of awful design we’re talking about. Who would want this in their bathroom?

2. Do you know what the best part of sleeping in a hotel bed is? Waking up in the middle of the night and thinking that there is a giant black spider on your pillow. This might be one of the most terrible design decisions.

3. You know what makes Chess even more fun? A confusing board that will definitely cause arguments between the players. It would definitely make it more interesting for the audience.

4. How much do you think the people who put ads on the side of buses get paid? And do you think that maybe it’s not enough to avoid making mistakes like this one?

5. They say ‘hame’ is where the heart is, right? This seems like something your mom would buy, and then when you inevitably make fun of it, she says you’re mean.

6. Learning your left from your right seems like something you would do before going to school to become an engineer and getting a job at a TV remote factory.

7. So you went down that aisle despite the old man’s warning. Now you’re trapped, possibly forever, because the only way to get out is to walk backward, and that just looks silly.

8. Speaking of poorly placed pillars, you have to wonder who designed this theatre. Is having this one extra seat really so valuable that you had to obstruct one unlucky patron’s view?

9. How long does it take to look up what a panda looks like? You can literally ask Siri to show you a picture of one, so there really is no excuse for this one.

10. He hoped that his terrible secret of not knowing how to eat ice cream would never come to light, but his modeling aspirations could not be stopped.

11. “Which mouth better conveys a sense of joy and fun? It’s so hard to decide, I wish we could just use both. Wait a minute…”

12. This is the best place to put the power button on a keyboard. How often do you use the ‘enter’ key anyway? Just be extra careful when you go to press it, and save all the time.

13. When you want to send the eye-rolling emoji, you’re really trying to convey something that Samsung just doesn’t seem to understand. Maybe they’re too nice for their own good.

14. “What do you mean the sign is confusing? Well, we already put all of the numbers on the doors, we can’t make changes now! People will figure it out.” – the guy who got paid by the number to make this sign.


15. Admittedly, we here at Bestie are not astronomers, but this infographic really doesn’t seem like it got anything right about the solar system.

16. Hope you had an extra screwdriver to get your new screwdriver out of the package. Or did you buy this screwdriver to get another screwdriver out of its package?

17. Either this ad is really poorly designed, or this company finally found the secret to infinite pizza. If they didn’t, that’s a real box of disappointment they’re serving us.

18. This is just about the creepiest mistake on a box ever. Sure, go ahead! Give this to your kid as a gift, if you want to scar them for life. We’re adults and even we’re freaked out by this!

19. Believe it or not, there are actually letters on this sign. If you look really closely, you can see it says “kindred fare,” not that it helps when you’re driving by and only have a second to see it.

20. This notebook is exactly right. Its inspiring words should always remind everyone who sees them that “about it be ok.” About it be ok for everyone!

21. If you’re going to buy a clothing item that has the American flag stitched onto it, you better make sure the company knows what the flag looks like, especially how many stars it has.

22. This chart is actually perfect because no matter what you believe in or what facts are presented to you, it supports your opinion. Statistics are awesome!

23. “You know what would really tell people that we’re a family company? A picture of a baby! What would it be doing? Well, what do babies like to do with brightly colored things?”

24. Who really pays for bad designs? The children, of course. Just take a look at this playground. Your kid will have one second of fun going down the slide before slamming face first into a tree.

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