Guy Gets Too Close To Wild Fox While Snapchatting It, And Now He Wishes He Hadn’t

There are two different kinds of people. Those that see a wild animal and stay far, far away from them and those that try to get super close to them. Well, Reddit user tootsaysthetrain submitted a video of a guy getting pretty damn close to a wild fox. I mean, you can’t really blame him. This fox is absolutely gorgeous and adorable all at the same time. But, there’s a reason they say “Sly as a fox”.

For some, when you spot a fox, you can’t help but notice their gorgeous apricot coat and their fuzzy tail. They may look innocent and you may think they are totally harmless, but there’s a reason why they are usually the villains in Disney films. These animals are known to have sneaky intentions that they keep inside.

This man, in particular, had an encounter with one of them in the middle of the street. Like many of us would, he pulled out his phone and decided to Snapchat the rare occasion. When you see a wild animal on your street, say a bunny or even a squirrel, you never expect them to turn on you and do something to you. Whether that be chasing after you, or maybe even cuddling up to you. Typically, these animals just run away.

Not this fox, however. It clearly had a trick up its sleeve and it caught this guy completely off-guard. People found this footage absolutely hilarious and it’s gotten over 52,000 upvotes on Reddit. This video also teaches you a lesson that you should never, ever trust a fox!

At the start of the video, it almost seems like the fox was minding its own business. Just casually walking around the street. But as soon as it noticed the man recording him and coming closer to him, he knew that this was its opportunity to take advantage of this silly, oblivious human.

As the guy was getting closer to the fox, the fox was standing in its spot, not moving much. Then, for some reason, the fox started approaching the man. As if it spotted something pretty cool and wanted to get closer. Well, again…SLY AS A FOX! It starts getting closer and closer to the camera.

The fox begins sniffing around, very calm and casual. It honestly is a cute moment, for a split second. And then, the unexpected happens. This ADORABLE fox ends up stealing this man’s wallet and runs away with it. Check out the video down below to see what exactly goes down. Does he end up getting his wallet back? Watch and find out!

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