28 Genius Acts Of Vandalism That Made The World A Funnier Place


Vandalism is something that gets a strong reaction out of everyone. But it’s not always all that bad. In some cases, the things that make us stop and look are actually street art. All around us, there are communities of people who love to put a spin on public property by:

  • Making it funnier,
  • Making a statement,
  • Making it more beautiful

Banksy, an anonymous England-based graffiti artist, once said about street art: “Imagine a city where graffiti wasn’t illegal, a city where everybody could draw whatever they liked. Where every street was awash with a million colors and little phrases. Where standing at a bus stop was never boring. A city that felt like a party where everyone was invited, not just the estate agents and barons of big business. Imagine a city like that and stop leaning against the wall – it’s wet.”

If you still don’t believe that acts of vandalism and graffiti can be funny ad awesome, then take a look at this list of 28 genius acts of vandalism that definitely made the world a better place: 

1. Ant-Man vs. Yellow Jacket. This little piece of art is for those of us who enjoyed the Paul Rudd film of the same name (or anyone who is a fan of the comic book). It’s perfect, subtle and it takes a really keen eye to spot it! Would you have seen it?


2. An E.T. sticker on the lamp of the men’s bathroom. Most of us go to the bathroom, do our business, and leave without really paying too much attention to our surroundings. This is why this little sticker is a fantastic little surprise for those who look up every now and then.


3. Someone made a garbage bin look like the Cookie Monster. It takes a lot of dedication to do street art, but it takes a hardened soul to let go of a cookie for the sake of your art.


4. A sign that reads: “This year, thousands of men will die from stubbornness.” and below it an ironic caption that reads, “No, we won’t.”


5. Canadian vandalism is the nicest kind of vandalism. Imagine being a child and looking out the window to see this. They probably apologized right after they did this to those cars.


6. A little dandelion treated like loyalty. I bet it felt really special to get the VIP treatment. It’s  a sweet act of vandalism that also reminds us that nature is precious, even a little wildflower.


 7. Everybody was Kung Fu fighting! Except that handrail didn’t stand a chance. A minute of silence for our dear metallic friend, hit by the legendary Bruce Lee.


8. A hand dryer with a sticker next to the instructions, reading: “Applaud the jellyfish.” Another caption that would have worked: “Catch the bacon strips.”


9. A cruel pole to the eye. This little block of cement looks like a screaming face, so naturally, someone painted a blood splatter around the area where the pole goes through. It’s the perfect combination of adorable, morbid and cute.


10. Pac-Man is expanding his diet. Anyone can get a laugh out of this little act of vandalism. Pac-Man is easily one of the most recognizable arcade game characters out there. Now, the person looks at the unfinished strip won’t suck their teeth and complain about the state of the street. They’ll smile and chuckle.


11. Calvin & Hobbes in one of their adventures. Who didn’t love this duo of a boy and his imaginary friend and the many lessons they taught us with humor and compassion? Seeing this as you’re walking might just bring a tear to your eye. It’s so perfect.


12. Stairway to Heaven. A student saw this sign and had to modify it.


13. Two CCTV cameras having a conversation. One asks, “Any vandals?” and the other one replies: “Nope.” If these two were real sentient CCTV cameras, would they make the choice to let the nice vandals get away? I know I would.


14. Here’s Johnny! Whoever painted this is an artist, and has a great taste in film. The Shining is never irrelevant, even though the book and the film have been out for over 30 years.


 15. Sausage, a new fragrance by Dior. It features a very dapper and handsome Johnny Depp rolling up his sleeves and staring at a small sausage being offered to him with a fork. The man has never been more ready to eat his sausage. I am sold, where can I buy this sausage?


16. A Burger King advertisement where an ice cream is the side, a sundae is the entree and a chocolate milkshake with whipped cream is the drink. That’s not just encouraging a culture of unhealthy eating, it’s celebrating it and trying to normalize it. So, naturally, someone saw this and added a drawing of a man next to the milkshake, captioned: “Diabetes.”


17. Neo is still doing his thing in the Matrix. This street art features an outline of Neo, the main character in the Matrix film franchise, stopping the road bumps like they’re bullets in the air. If you don’t remember what this is supposed to reference, you need to go watch the first Matrix movie as soon as possible!


18. A UFO attack in Sweden. You will never be able to look at this pedestrian crossing signs again without thinking, “We must be crossing a UFO attack area.”

 19. The jokes about the Liberal Arts continue. Someone added an F to the Arts in Liberal Arts, either as an inside joke or as a reminder to people that the liberal arts are as unsubstantial as flatulence.


20. Only Whovians will understand. If you’ve seen Doctor Who, particularly the David Tennant incarnation, you’ll know exactly who these two are. That scene is only the most heartbreaking moment in television history, so whoever did this has no heart and needs help.


21. Train vandalism in Belgium. This is too beautiful to be considered vandalism. It must have brightened the driver’s day to come into work that morning and see his train painted like one of the cutest animated characters to ever take the world by storm.


22. A telephone booth acting as a bully. Someone painted a face of joy onto one telephone booth as it pushed another one to the ground. It makes you want to rush over there and help the fallen one, until you remember they are inanimate object that can’t feel anything.


23. This was clearly done by an extremely drunk person. Whoever this person is, I hope they know that they are a rare breed of hero and artist.


24. A classic. The Ghostbusters logo never gets old. There’s something endearing about that little ghost gasping in surprise as if it’s been caught doing something illegal. All ghosts should be reminded that when they cause trouble, the Ghostbusters will be there to take care of them.


25. More Pac-Man art. The smaller the art is, the harder it will be for pedestrians to see. Remember this next time you’re walking around while you’re looking at your phone. It makes you wonder how many people looked down at this sidewalk and saw the little rendition of the arcade game under their feet.


26. Two little inanimate friends. The art is so sharp and fresh, it looks like a still from an animated movie about a large locker who is shy about being opened for inspection. His smaller friend is there to comfort him though, and to remind him that it’s nothing to be afraid of.


 27. This person does not like Apple products. But it’s hard to feel any sympathy for this vandal. Why did you pay too much if you thought their products were too expensive? You could have simply not bought that $2500 laptop, you know.


28. That look heavy. Why do you think that little guy needs a white bar? Is it a building block? Or maybe it’s food in his outlined person world.  


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