24 Hilarious Times It Didn’t Pay To Cheat

Our parents always told us that cheaters never prospered.

While that’s sometimes not true (witness the President’s latest infidelity scandal!) karma sometimes throws a wrench in the works for would-be cheaters.

Check out these 24  cheating fails pulled from Reddit users if you need your faith in a just universe restored

“A student had to write a film review. The paper they handed in had HTML links and advertisements on it. They had printed the page out of the browser.” (MioneDarcy)

“My stepbrother and I were in the same English class in high school. We had a multiple choice test on a book we had finished reading. My step brother asked to go to the bathroom, and while he was out someone summoned our teacher over to ask a question. The teacher was down on one knee going over whatever the student asked in a very quiet voice when my stepbrother walked back in. He looked around and didn’t see the teacher, and assuming he had stepped out, quickly picked up his test, and (still standing and raising his test in the air) yells “alright, who has the answers to test B?!!!”…The teacher then stood up and asked him to meet him in the hallway. I busted out laughing.
Ironically, this did cause the teacher to leave the room, which was an ideal time for anyone else to actually cheat.” (BeerNcheesePlz)

“I subbed for a fellow teacher’s history class my first year teaching. One of the students sat there with a blank test for the whole period. He waited until another student put their test in the basket on the desk, then went up and grabbed the other student’s copy of the test.
I just sat there and watched it happen and wrote a quick email to the teacher I subbed for. When the kid finished copying the answers, he tried to return both tests to the basket. I took his test off the top, wrote a giant 0 on it and handed it back to him.
He just dropped his head and left the room. The whole thing was handled in silence and none of the other students even realized what had happened.” (SalemScout)

“In 8th grade, we had to turn our homework into a basket on the side of the room. Two girls decide to take my homework out of the top of the basket, copy all my answers and put it back in. Problem was, not only did the teacher see it, but one girl actually managed to copy my name.” (chungustheskungus)

“My dad is a teacher and one of the students in one of his classes tried to cheat off of the smart kid who was sitting right next to him. Unfortunately, the smart kid’s handwriting was so messy that the cheater got all the answers wrong anyway.” (raise-your-weapon)


“A girl in my French class wrote the answers to the quiz on her leg. Our uniforms were kilts, so you could split the skirt above the knee to see the answers while keeping your leg under the desk. Would have been an excellent plan, except she got cold just before the lesson started and put some thick tights on. She then realized she couldn’t read the answers through the fabric.” (RoosterGirl22)

“A student once plagiarized a textbook passage the professor wrote. The TA read it aloud and asked who wrote such a good piece. The student proudly stood up, and the teacher followed. Motherf***er’s face turned white. Never saw him again.” (Monkeymonkey27)

“Friend of mine from high school was trying to cheat on a spelling test so he wrote the words on a tiny piece of paper in the smallest legible font size that he could read. He tucked the piece of paper under his leg and was going to refer to it as the teacher called out the words. She walked around the classroom as the students were writing down the answers, and she noticed the piece of paper under his leg. When questioned about it he quickly moved the paper from under his leg to under his armpit in one smooth obvious motion. When she tried to retrieve the paper from under his armpit he moved it again only this time he ate it. He was busted, but it was a valiant effort to destroy the evidence.” (NoThatWasNotSarcasm)

“This guy in our physics class tried to cheat on a test by putting some formulae on a piece of paper in his pencil case. Obviously, he got caught doing it. And the worst part?
We were given a formula booklet for the test.” (MoscowDonkey)

“I have a worst, and a best.
Worst: Three kids in my History 12 exam. We were writing in our gym with two other classes so around 100 people, and the first portion of the test was multiple choice. They had worked out a coughing pattern to do A,B,C and D… but they did not do an E. So when an answer was E the first guy just turned around and asked, “What do we do now?” Issue was… the teacher was standing behind him and only said, “Gather your things and meet me at the front.” All got zero.
Best: I was in a Poli Sci 2000 class dealing with International Relations and types of governments around the world. The prof let us bring in a cheat sheet (8.5 x 11) with anything on it. Most brought thousands of words both sides. My buddy brought a friend who was completing his Ph.D. in Poli Sci that was doing his thesis looking at international governance and had him stand on the piece of paper. Prof allowed it but, then changed the rules of the exam the next year. He got an A+ btw.” (thelostcanuck)


“All I’m going to say is … if you’re going to cheat on a test … if you’re going to assume your teacher isn’t going to notice you bringing in an obvious cheat sheet … if you’re going to literally pull it out during the test, erasing literally any stealth you’ve had up until this point … then please, at least make sure the information on your cheat-sheet is right. Signed, a very exhausted teacher.” (Free_Shavacadoo)

“I was a TA for a general chemistry lab. Students had an online assignment due prior to lab with questions about the upcoming lab to sort of ensure they had read the lab ahead of time and kind of knew what was going to happen and all that jazz.
The questions were set by the lab instructor and not the TA, and they weren’t always fair, but depending on the question, most of the TAs gave more leniency to the answer.
Anyways, one week the lab instructor put in a question about a concept that a gen Chem student wouldn’t know. She mentioned it to us in our weekly meeting to go really easy on that one.
I wish I remember what the concept it asked about was. But when you googled the concept it came up with a Yahoo Answers question of a very similar question. The problem was, the answer wasn’t correct. I think about half the answers I got from my class were a copy and paste from that, and a few more just changed a few things here and there. Not only was the answer wrong, but it was wrong referencing things they would have no idea about.
So everyone who attempted an answer got full credit, regardless of whether it was right or wrong (I think I had one correct answer). Everyone who obviously plagiarized from Yahoo Answers got a zero though.” (dunno260)

“I’m a student, but once in high school biology class, I noticed one of the kids who NEVER studies was copying all of my answers. Like painfully obviously.
So I naturally filled in my scantron incorrectly (that’s what he was copying from) and then continued to flip through my test to “give it a few final glances.”
Since I was the smartest student in that particular class, he didn’t think to check it over, so he gets up and hands it in, complete with a smug, relieved smile.
I erased and filled in all of the correct answers, though. It was a good day the next week when we got our test scores back. I had gotten 100 and he had failed pretty terribly. Oh well!” (Odatria)

“Girl came into class and sat down next to her friend. Come test time, I asked everyone to spread out and sit with a chair’s space between them. She got very stressed and point blank refused to move away from her friend. I laid down the law: no move, no test. She moved. She failed.” (Georgeisthecoolest)

“I worked at a local college’s Testing Center and there were so many obvious cheaters. My top 3 includes:
The woman who smuggled in a packet of notes with her, and when she finished her test, she stood up and started stuffing the notes down the front of her pants while walking towards the exit. She somehow missed the giant wall of windows that we were all staring at her through.
Another girl also had a giant packet of notes sitting next to her at a computer. When I pulled her out of the room to ask her about them, she denied that they were her math notes, even though they had her name on it. Then she said that they were her notes, but that she didn’t use them on the test. When I told her I had her on our security camera using them, she said that she did use them but that she wasn’t cheating.
My favorite was a guy who wasn’t actually cheating, but who was taking a test online and got bored halfway through and pulled up facebook. When we confronted him about it, he started yelling at us and telling us we had no proof even though we had to ask him to close out of the browser. When we pointed out that we had video footage of him, he tried to get us to show him the footage to prove that it was him, even though we had pulled him out of the classroom like two minutes before.” (stealthkrstnmr)

“A girl in my high school history class would cheat on every single test she wrote. Whenever we had a test, she would do all the questions she knew the answers to and then ask to go to the bathroom and look up any of the questions she was unsure of on her phone.
This went on for a while and somehow the entire class knew about it except for the teacher. Fast-forward to the final exam, the girl does the same thing as usual, spends the first hour writing the exam until she asks “Can I go to the bathroom?” She was gone for a long time and after about 5-10 minutes the teacher grew suspicious/concerned and went to check on her.
What happened next was the teacher furiously pacing back to the classroom and taking the girl’s exam off her desk. This was followed by the girl returning to the class crying, grabbing her things and leaving the classroom. Apparently, the teacher had caught her red-handed watching a video tutorial about one of the topics on the test and decided to mark the exam only on what she had written prior to going to the bathroom.” (1PlyTPGG)

“A friend of mine pulled this one in high-school.
He wasn’t a very book smart guy and was failing some of our grade 12 courses. One of them being history. He was sick one day and missed a test, so he had to retake it during lunch the next day. I guess the teacher took pity on him and wanted to give him a break, so when lunch time came, the teacher put him in a room by himself, gave him the test and the answer key then left the room.
He still failed the test. His logic was he didn’t want to seem like he cheated so he tried to change the answers a bit, which is fine, but you could at least pass…” (LordAnkou)

“Not a teacher myself, but my dad is. He told me about a student that had “lost” his week-long in-class assignment on the way to handing it to my dad. So he goes off to “find” it and then comes back 15 minutes later with half of the assignment not in his handwriting and the other half with his handwriting but clearly erased and written over whoever wrote the first half. My dad failed him on the spot for that.” (JamNJelli)

“In my first year of high school, I took one of those super easy health courses that’s basically just memorizing a couple vocab terms and taking a few tests. The teacher we had was super laid-back, and gave us a whole half hour to study before our unit tests. An easy A, no reason to cheat, right? WRONG. This one student thought they were going to be clever and take out their phone in the middle of the class, and use the quizlet we had made of all the vocab terms to get all the answers. I mean this was stupid enough as it is, but she accidentally clicked on the “read the term aloud” button on the website, blasting the chosen vocab word at maximum volume in a dead silent classroom.” (Suppuppow)

“I was a TA for an algebra class in 7th grade, my job was to hand out papers to the class and make sure to write down whoever came in late. On pi day every year, this teacher had a contest for who could memorize the most numbers of pi. The winner would get a homework pass that was good for a weeks worth of homework, so pretty much every student in her class would participate. I was handing out scrap sheets of paper for people to write pi on, when I noticed a girl in the back fidgeting with her bracelets. She had them all the way up her arm to her elbow, and while she was messing with them, I could see that she had copied pi all the way around her arm. I didn’t plan on ratting her out, but I guess I looked too long and the teacher noticed. She was forced to go wash her arm in the bathroom before they began, and had to come back several times till her arm was spotless. It kind of sucked, but she still got 2nd place in the contest and got a brownie for it.” (stevieismymother)

“It was a take-home test in Social Studies 6th grade. Keep in mind that one of the teacher’s guides had recently gone missing. The student returned the test and was immediately busted for cheating. The giveaway was the fact that many of the student’s “answers” were “Answers may vary.” The teacher’s guide was returned promptly.” (ljorges)

“In one of my classes during my first year at university, one person copy and pasted an entire Wikipedia article for their term paper and handed it in. Another student in the class printed out a paper the professor had written and published and handed that in.” (deleted)

“There was this one Literature teacher who decided to hand out the exact same multiple-choice test for all four classes. Obviously, once the first class finished the test, they spread the answers to the other three. There was this one girl who, instead of writing on a piece of paper or anything else disposable, she wrote the answers… on her desk.
Ps: I did cheat on that one too, but I memorized the answers. A-B-C-D-E-D-E-D-C-B-A.” (BoredMai)


“In my freshman year math class, a kid wrote the distance formula on his arm. He forgot to roll back down his sleeve when he turned his test in, and the teacher asked him about it. The kid panicked and said that he had a tattoo of the distance formula. He drew it on his arm every day for the rest of the semester.” (me_for_president2032)


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