25 Mildly Infuriating Pics — Because We All Know This Pain

Oh, the sweet, sweet pain.

Well, maybe not sweet. This kind of pain leaves a bitter taste in our mouths… and that’s about it. Really it kind of just mildly infuriates us. It’s not the kind of fury where you go out and riot or protest, but the kind of fury that just puts a damper on your day. The kind of fury that makes you go: “Why would someone in their right mind do such a thing? How could this thing possibly happen to me, a somewhat well adjusted kind member of society?”

Don’t worry dear reader, it happens to the best of us, or at least 25 of the best of us. This is 25 Mildly Infuriating Pics — Because We All Know This Pain.

1. Wow, sauce on top of the burger! I can’t wait for my hands to get all sticky and for them to smell like sauce all day! Seriously, you’re defeating the purpose of a bun. I don’t know if it’s supposed to be an artistic choice or what, but any chef who does this at a restaurant is bound to mildly infuriate someone.

2. I certainly hope nobody with disabilities wanted McDonald’s today! Apparently, the jerk in this photo asked the photographer what they were taking a picture of. The poster replied: “The moron who needs two handicapped spaces to eat (omitted) fries!” Well said poster, well said!

3. They may be XFINITY, but at least they’re not EA! Seriously, do these guys work doctor hours or something? “Yeah, I’d be happy to come fix your alarm! Are you available the entire month of November between the hours of 9 AM and 4 PM? No? Are you at work like the rest of the bloody population? Oh wow, that sucks for you, guess you’ll have to go without an alarm then, huh?”

4. Ladies and gentlemen, please congratulate your class of 2-0-1-5! And of course, they have the Arabic numerals beside it, just in case your dumb mind couldn’t figure out these even dumber Roman numerals. For the record, by the way, the way to write out 2015 in Roman numerals is MMXV. Literally took me two seconds to google that.

5. Uh, that’s your left ear, IDIOT! Alright, I don’t totally agree that this one is mildly infuriating but I can see how somebody wouldn’t care. That person would have to be incredibly high strung and neurotic, but then again this IS the internet we’re talking about. So it’s probably to be expected.

6. What are they doing, sharing Grey Poupon or something? Alright doing a complete 180 here because I totally agree with this one. What’s the point of driving the exact same speed as the guy next to you??? Get behind them and let us speedier drivers get to where we need to go!

7. They way this guy’s wife opens stuff makes me cringe. Seriously, does she just punch through the boxes or something? Did this guy not expect something like this would happen when he married a Silverback Gorilla? “Honey, could you get the Doritos out of the cupboard and open them up for me?” BOOSH! POP! BANG! “Gee thanks huh, it’s smashed to bits now but it’s the THOUGHT that counts!”

8. The student recoiled as the sun rested gently on their face, burning their delicate skin. It was exam season so the student had not felt the sun’s fiery touch in weeks. Seriously though, this has to be a terrible way to wake up. In movies, the sun gently blankets the protagonist, a chorus of angels singing as they stretch to face the day. In reality, the alarm blares in your ear for the third time in 15 minutes and the sun blinds you with its glorious majesty.

9. Oh, I just love weddings! Good thing I’m wearing this bathing suit so they can’t see that I’m crying! Well, this is either a woman who really loves the idea of love or the beginning of a horror movie. I’ve seen Cape Fear, I know how this goes. One second you’re enjoying your wedding and the next you’ve got some Southern weirdo strapped to the bottom of your car…

Reddit /u/ Calego

10. Would you pick a mouth and stick with it? I always wonder how products like this come about. Does nobody look at them before they go into production? Does the designer not do a double check before sending it to the factory? And finally: does anyone really care or are they just trying to make weird frisbees?

11. Welp, that’s either a walk of shame or an embarrassing phone call. Imagine every time you wanted to go to the bathroom you had to do that pants down waddle walk just to grab some toilet paper? In the words of the Angry Video Game Nerd: “WHAT WERE THEY THINKING???”

12. Hey, that’s about how well my sock sorting goes too! I honestly have no idea where all my socks go, but I’m convinced it’s the same place my loose change keeps hiding. Maybe it’s like a Toy Story situation, except a lot darker because they get their bodies stretched over stinky feet every day. Somebody call Quentin Tarantino, I think I have a movie he’d be interested in.

13. Another quality parking job. Get used to them, I think there are a couple more. I’m interested to know what kind of person gets out of their car, looks at that parking job and goes: “Yeah, that’ll work”. It’s either a student driver or somebody with a total lack of social awareness. Or hey, maybe it’s both!

14. Great job packing those music stands buddy! I’m by no means a musician, but for everyone who’s had to face a landslide of frozen food every time they open their freezer, they can understand the pain these poor instrument players may feel. I know, “instrument players” sounds really dumb but I didn’t want to use musician twice, okay? And no, I will not call some high school trumpet player an “artist”.

15. Oh yah buddy, that’s a good way to get your tailgate ripped off, that’s for sure! Once, many eons ago, I was in the landscaping business and even my grubby company would never do such a thing. Not only is it a good way to break your tailgate, but it’s a good way to make everyone behind you really dirty and angry. Professionalism at its finest, folks.

16. Why would they mix up five and six? We’re trying to prepare our children to succeed in kindergarten, not flunk out! That said, I haven’t been to a kindergarten in years but I’m pretty sure you don’t start learning about pentagons and hexagons until at least grade one. Still, you’re just asking to confuse some dumb kids. Like me!

17. Straight railing on a curvy bridge. Listen, it’s a transitionary period for this bridge. It just got into college, it wants to do some experimenting and try to find itself, really. It’s a noble and courageous act, especially because his parents are fundamentalists and probably wouldn’t approve.

18. Daisy, daisy, what is wrong with you? NO! They’ve butchered my favorite flower! And on toilet paper no less, one of the greatest places to express your art! Imagine it: every time someone thinks of your art, they’ll think of going to the bathroom. You can’t buy that kind of press, baby!

19. What’s the advanced solution to this dilemma guys? See, I told you there would be another parking job messed up! My advanced solution: a towing, probably. Or at LEAST somebody keys the darn thing. Once again, I wonder how someone could possibly step from their vehicle, check this parking job and deem it acceptable.

20. It literally says it on the package, guys. And it’s a diploma, for non-denominational deity’s sake! That person sunk on average $20,000 into that piece of paper you’re so carelessly handling! Next time a FedEx guy does that, we should slam his darn $30,000 truck into a pole or something! Alright, maybe I’m overreacting just a LITTLE.

21. The seas are green and the land is blue. Maybe this person was colorblind or something, but maybe tap them on the shoulder and let them know they’re messing up? At least to avoid the awkward conversation and the taunting that would follow.

22. Thanks for saving me some cereal, honey! Now it’s a husband’s turn to be mildly infuriating, as this poster’s partner puts back cereal with only a couple flakes to spare. I bet he eats all of the marshmallows out of the Lucky Charms box, too!

Reddit /u/ azsmile15

23. Jeez, was it made out of rock? This is why I’m an advocate for keeping your butter in the cupboard. Sure, it looks weird and I’m not sure if the butter would go bad, but at least your not ruining knives/bread when you’re just trying to make some toast!

24. WOW, she’s got quite the head on her! I’m just kidding, whatever idiot set up this bathroom got… Actually, I’m not too sure what’s going on here. How did they make the mirrors like this? Does the top one have a permanent zoom function or something? Oh god, I’m such a freakin’ millennial it’s painful.

Reddit /u/ thecatsaver

25. Oh boy, I sure am happy I get to sit next to these two on my flight to Australia! Well, there you have it, folks. Some POTY (Parents of the Year) have decided to let their screaming, uncomfortable children run around the plane freely, much to the dismay of this other passenger. I bet you’re regretting choosing a 20-hour nonstop flight now, aren’t you?

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