Mr. Bean Photoshopped Into Everything Because He is Everything

As if the world needed another reason to love the joyfully juvenile and slapstick character of Mr. Bean! Thanks to the wonders of the internet, we can now enjoy a whole new form of comedy! Created by famous British actor Rowan Atkinson, the Mr. Bean character was based on Rowan’s love of Jacques Tati’s character of “Monsieur Hulot” according to Wikipedia. Also according to Wikipedia, Atkinson first appeared as Mr. Bean in 1990 in a New Year’s Day special for the BBC.

Atkinson’s latest film, a follow-up sequel to his spy films titled Johnny English Strikes Again, is set to be released in 2018. The character of Mr. Bean has gone down in history as one of the most iconic British television characters ever, even going on to star in two films: Bean, and Mr. Bean’s Holiday.

Atkinson has said in several interviews that he will not continue to play the role of Mr. Bean, including an interview with the Daily Telegraph in 2012 where he stated, “The stuff that has been most commercially successful for me – basically quite physical, quite childish – I increasingly feel I’m going to do a lot less of. I also think someone in their 50s being childlike becomes a little sad. You’ve got to be careful.” However, Atkinson was seen reprising his role of Mr. Bean in a recent Chinese film titled Top Funny Comedian: The Movie, released in 2017. Now, because the world just can’t get enough of the character so they are making Mr. Bean photoshopped into everything, including some famous movies. Check them out below!

1) Pirates of the Caribbean: Check out this hilarious photoshop of Mr. Bean onto the character of Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean. I’d totally watch an entire spinoff series starring Rowan Atkinson!

2) Mad Max: BEANY Road: It took me quite a while to notice where Mr. Bean was hidden in this photo until I finally saw that he was driving his famous Lazy-Boy car from the episode of Mr. Bean where he can’t fit his chair in the car so he rigs this ridiculous driving mechanism to get him through the streets of London. Fantastic.

3) Harry Potter And The Goblet Of BEAN: I don’t know about you, but seeing Mr. Bean in the role of Voldemort originally played by Ralph Fiennes is both hilarious and terrifying. Imagine Voldemort with this level of glee whenever he goes on a magical killing spree?  Yikes!

4) Pulp BEANtion: Ooh La La! Mr. Bean in the role of Mia Wallace infamously played by Uma Thurman is like watching Bugs Bunny dressed up in that female Viking character! There’s something both hilarious and tempting in this sultry look. Absolutely hilarious.

5) HER – A Mr. Bean Love Story: Step aside Joaquin Phoenix, there’s a new actor in town! It’s Mr. Bean of course! Gotta love the internet!

Mr. Bean Photoshopped Into EverythingImgur | vermontiscold

6) BEAN Swan: You really have to admire the person who photoshopped Mr. Bean into full ballerina makeup just like Natalie Portman must have taken a long time to create! What an amazing final result!

7) BEANiator: “Are you not entertained?” Mr. Bean as the Gladiator is the photoshop art that you didn’t know you needed today.

8) The WolverBEAN: If Mr. Bean had giant adamantium claws, he could have easily gotten that giant turkey off of his head. Hugh Jackman would probably love this!

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