24 Sneaky Tricks Celebrities Use To Make Themselves Look Better In Photos



Let’s face it, we have all wondered why celebrities look stunning in their photos. When we take a selfie or have someone take a photo of us, we wonder why they don’t look like our favorite actor or musician.

The fact is, there are so many things that celebrities know about looking their best for photos because they are constantly having them taken.

Below is a list of sneaky tricks that celebrities use to make themselves look better in photos. So if you want to look your best in your future photos, continue on reading.

1. Smile With Your Eyes: One thing that every celebrity knows is that you have to smile with your eyes. This will save any photo from being dreary. We have heard it before. “Your eyes look dead, smile with them.” You need to start listening to that. It’s a simple fix. The next time you take a photo, make sure to activate your eyes, make them present. That’s how you can get the perfect smile.

2. Match Your Clothes To Your Skin Tone: We have heard about matching our makeup to our skin tone, but never our clothes. Yet, this is what every celebrity does all the time. Make sure you know your skin tone and research what colors work best with it. When you find those colors that pop out against your skin, that’s when you are going to have one killer photo.

3. Always Use The Right Makeup: We have all heard people tell us to take natural selfies. Those are the people that think celebrities take natural selfies. The fact is, they don’t. And makeup is key to make anyone look better in photos. When you have the right lipstick on it will make you look perfect in every photo you take. Always remember, using high definition makeup will save you from any unforgiving flash.

4. Use The Timer On Your Phone: We have all been the unfortunate person who has been in charge of taking the actual photo while being in the selfie. We know this results in us looking the least attractive in those photos. Well, we are here to save you from having to worry about this ever again. Next time you take a selfie, or a group selfie, use the timer on your phone. This is a fast and sure fix for looking better in your photos.

5. The Front Camera is Better Than The Selfie Camera: We don’t know why this is, but every phone’s front camera is better than the selfie camera. We know it’s hard to take a photo of yourself using the front camera but if you want your photo to be clear and crisp, this is your best bet. For the next time you take a photo of yourself, try using a mirror and using the front camera. You will see the difference.

6. Throw A “Relaxed” Hand In There: There is nothing worse than someone who positions their hand in a photo the wrong way. It always looks forced. But like Khloe Kardashian, the relaxed hand is always there to save the day. When you don’t know what to do with your hand try this technique. Though it’s a posed position it always looks natural.

7. Make Sure Your Hands Aren’t Limp: One thing that can make any photo look bad is having limp hands. When someone doesn’t know what to do with their hands and arms in a photo it makes the entire photo bad. The next time you take a photo, make sure to think about your hands. Move them to different positions, or if you have someone in the photo with you, grab onto them. Just don’t let them hang there!

8. Keep The Background Simple: Celebrities know that when taking a selfie they want the focus to be on them, not the background. When taking your next photo try having a simple background so that you are the focus of the image. When you are competing with a dirty bedroom or kitchen then no one is focusing on you. Keep to a simple background like celebrities and you will automatically look better.

9. Try A PhotoShopping App: We think that celebrities don’t use photoshop when taking photos of themselves. But the fact is, many tiny changes are made to a lot of celebrity selfies. Try downloading an app on your phone and the next time you take a photo of yourself, change minor things. But don’t go overboard, this will lead to people knowing you photoshopped your image. Which is NEVER a good thing.

10. Always Take More Than One Selfie: If anyone was to look at the first selfie they took they wouldn’t think they looked good. Just like all celebrities know, take a bunch of selfies. Look over a few of them at a time and notice what works and what doesn’t. Then take some more until you get the one you like the best. Believe us, this is what every celebrity does.

11. Wear The Clothes That Flatter You: This rule goes even when you aren’t taking photos. Knowing your body type and what clothes flatter that figure is a must for always looking good. When you are wearing the right outfit and it flatters all the curves in your body, no photo can turn out bad. Every celebrity knows this, or if they don’t, their stylists sure do.

12. How To Define Your Cheekbones: Every celebrity knows that they will look extra cute if they define their cheekbones. One easy way to do this without contouring overload is to press your tongue against the back of your teeth when smiling. This will surely raise your cheekbones and add some flavor to your smile. Try it the next time and you will see the difference it makes for your photos.

13. Lightly Tilt Your Chin Down: We have all been there when we had a double chin in a photo. It happens to all of us. One way to get rid of it, but still press your chin down, is to stick your head out a little and then slightly tilt your chin down. This will ensure you do not have more than one chin as well as angling your face, which flatters everyone.

14. Standing Is Always Better Than Sitting: When we sit in a photo it shortens us and makes our body imperfections stick out. No one wants that. Celebrities know that when they stand it will give them better posture, lengthen their body and appear slimmer. The next time you are sitting when someone is taking a photo of you, stand up. You will be happy you did.

15. When Standing, Pose Appropriately: While standing for a photo is the best route to take, there are other ways that it can also hinder your beauty. Make sure that you aren’t just standing straight and looking like you don’t know what to do. Celebrities know that when you are standing the pose is everything. Put your hands near your hips and slightly lean forward or to the side. This is sure to make you appear more slender and add definition to your figure.

16. Figure Out Your Best Side: We have all heard this before, that celebrities only want their photos taken on their good side. And even though many of us think this is a myth, it’s actually a fact. Celebrities know that they have one side that is better than the others. While they are out in public it is hard for them to have control over what side is photographed. But when taking their own pictures they can, and they do. Try to work out what side is your better half and give that side more camera attention.

17. Hold Phone At Or Above Eye Level: The angle of the phone when taking the photo is everything. When taking a selfie many celebrities only take it at eye level or above eye level. These are the angles that will make your face appear slimmer than it is, resulting in a more flattering selfie. The angles to reject all the time are any that are below eye level.

18. Know How To Angle Your Body: Knowing how to pose for a photo is one thing, but knowing how to angle your body in that photo is the key to making you more flattering. This might be one of the hardest things to do. Evey celebrity knows what angles work for their body. Test out different angles in the mirror at home and when you find one that makes your body stand out, keep it in mind when you’re having your next photo taken.

19. Buy A Light-Up Phone Case: Kim Kardashian was the first one to speak out about the LuMee phone case. Having a phone case that works as a selfie light is perfect for every photo. The key to selfies is the greatest lighting and one of to get the greatest lightings in dim lighting is with a light-up phone case. It’s a sure way to grind out those pesky imperfections.

20. Get A Professional Light: Many celebrities own professional lights and they use them when taking photos. This is an expensive route to take when you want the best photo of yourself. But it is a sure way to know that you are going to have the best photo possible. Lighting is the most important thing when taking a better photo of yourself.

21. How To Find The Best Natural Lighting: For those of us that don’t have enough money for a professional light, using natural light is the best way to get the best photo. The key here is to know which way the sun is and the way the light is shining. Face where the light is coming from and make sure it hits your body and face at the right angle. Making the most of natural lighting is the surest way to make you look better in your photos.

22. Find One Filter That Works: Filters are a fun way to spice up your selfies and photos. Yet, celebrities know that when they find a filter that’s the most flattering for their selfies, they stick to it. If you use the same filter for all of your selfies, it will start appearing as though there isn’t a filter being used at all. And we all know that filters make everything look better.

Instagram /u/ @kendalljenner

22. Find One Filter That Works: Filters are a fun way to spice up your selfies and photos. Yet, celebrities know that when they find a filter that’s the most flattering for their selfies, they stick to it. If you use the same filter for all of your selfies, it will start appearing as though there isn’t a filter being used at all. And we all know that filters make everything look better.

24. Tilt Your Head Slightly: One of the worst things you can do when getting a photo taken or taking a selfie is have your head turned squarely to the camera. By tilting your head slightly to one side it adds depth to your features. It also helps with not looking like you are uncomfortable with having your photo taken.

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