Star Wars Actor Mark Hamill Just Proved Everyone Who Said ‘It Wouldn’t Last’ Wrong In A Powerful Tweet

For Hollywood romances, it can be challenging to keep it together and make it last. With the busy schedules that inevitably follow celebrities, it’s quite the task to maintain a strong and lasting relationship. We’ve seen many couples come and go, while others have proven to overcome the obstacles that Hollywood may impose. For Star Wars Actor Mark Hamill, he proves his lasting love to his lifelong partner, for everyone who said ‘it wouldn’t last.

Star Wars Actor Mark Hamill Just Proved Mark Hamill

The much-anticipated release of the latest installment in the Star Wars saga has arrived, with The Last Jedi captivating the world’s attention yet again. The illustrious and storied series that has stretched out across decades now keeps proving to be a hit, with fans of all generations basking in its glory.

The epic space opera has been a cinematic wonder for ages now, with a due celebration of yet another episode that is a box office success. Mark Hamill, who plays the popular and legendary Luke Skywalker, is the renowned original actor from day one. This time around, he provides another reason to raise his glass in a time of lasting achievement.

Four decades ago, Hamill met the love of his life, Marilou York, who was working as a dental hygienist in Los Angeles. Quick to dismiss the chance of a surviving relationship were the doubters of the media and Hollywood followers alike. Despite any disbelievers, Hamill went on to plan a first date that would see them attend the film, Annie Hall. He wanted to see if she had a sense of humour, which was a big deal to him. Sharing a laugh together as he wished, the actor admits it was “love at first laugh”.

Saying their vows on December 17, 1978, the couple recently celebrated 39 strong years together. The pair has three wonderful children, proving to be a happily-ever-after couple that shares a trend-defying love in the world of Hollywood.

Star Wars Actor Mark Hamill Just Proved Getty/Bored Panda

Taking to social media, the Luke Skywalker actor tweeted out a photo on their special day to silence the doubters. With a series of photos, stretching back to their wedding day, until now, he captioned it “And they said it wouldn’t last…”, surely and proudly proving otherwise.

Much like the Star Wars series, the couple has proven to last and succeed in the ever-changing industry and the world we live in today. Overcoming the obstacles that others have fallen under, the pair has prevailed through the times, emphatically proving that the force is still strong.

Star Wars Actor Mark Hamill Just Proved Twitter

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