Pink Asks Talented 12-Year-Old Concertgoer To Sing For Her

12-year-old Victoria Anthony from British Columbia, Canada, had one goal and it was to sing a song with her musical idol P! nk at one of her concerts. According to CTV News, the 12-year-old singer was invited onto the stage at the sold-out Rogers Arena on Saturday to perform with her idol.

But the young singing prodigy didn’t share the stage with P! nk because of sheer luck. Weeks before P! nk’s concert in Vancouver, Victoria started an online campaign to not only get her noticed by P! nk but also showcase her ridiculous vocal cords. She got the idea to perform with P! nk after her mother bought her the two concert tickets. As reported by CTV News, Victoria created YouTube videos showing off her singing talents and also used social media such as Instagram and Twitter to create the hashtag ‘#VicandPink.’

On her own Twitter page, Victoria uploaded a video of her in a onesie that was directed at P! nk. The caption read: ‘Hey @Pink, please let me sing on stage with you in #Vancouver May 12. I’ll be ready! Victoria (age 12) Share this video and tag #vicandpink to make my dream come true.’ In an article published by Global News, Victoria said that she taught herself how to sing, and learned to play the guitar and piano using the internet.

But it was on that fateful Saturday when Victoria got to perform with her idol. As P! nk yelled out into the sold-out crowd looking for Victoria halfway through her sold-out concert, it marked the beginning of a viral moment. When Vic finally got on the stage, P! nk asked her ‘are you who I read about on the news? Do you want to come to sing something?’ As reported by Global News, P! nk even joked with Victoria about ‘passing out’ on stage and allowing her to sing whatever she wanted.

As the young girl began singing ‘Perfect’ to a cheering and raucous crowd, P! nk looked on in absolute disbelief. The video of P! nk and Victoria was later posted to her YouTube channel. In an interview with Global News, the 12-year-old said: ‘I’m feeling incredible. I’m still kind of in shock. What I’m taking away from this, and what everyone should take away, is that when you want something like nothing is impossible. You can always achieve something; [it] is just about the amount of effort you put in.’

In an interview with CTV Vancouver, the young girl said: ‘I just started singing, and it was so… awesome. It was the best thing ever.’ Her mother, Christina Anthony, encouraged her daughter to create a social media campaign to garner her idol’s attention. Christina said: ‘I was just so proud. Oh my God, it makes me emotional actually.’

And on May 13, Victoria tweeted out: ‘it happened! #VicAndPink #BeautifulTraumaTour thank you @Pink for making me feel I can do anything.’ That tweet was liked more than 15,000 times and has since been commented on nearly four thousand times. Victoria hopes to pursue a career in the music industry and she said: ‘I think it’s definitely a possibility. I still don’t know because I’m only 12, but I really want music to always be a part of my life, no matter what, because it makes me feel so happy.’

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