Mom Farts In Yoga Class, And Her Story Is So Embarrassing You Might Not Finish Reading It


At least once in our lifetime, we experience an embarrassing moment. But for this mom, her embarrassing moment will leave you in tears…of laughter.

This mom farted in a yoga class, and her description of this story is unbelievable. Thanks to Creative Spotting, I have the full story of Laura Mazza, who has been labeled with the title “the farting yoga mom.”

Mazza has muscle separation which occurs when women have children. Apparently having children separated her abdominal wall like Moses separated the red sea, according to Mazza.

This issue bothered Mazza and she knew that she needed to get back into shape so she could feel better about her body. Her physician recommended yoga.

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The first day of class arrived, and for someone who had never done a yoga class in her life, she owned quite a lot of yoga pants.

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When she got to class, Mazza describes the room as very dark and it was filled with candles. It was at that moment where she knew that this was not a beginner’s class. Not to mention that all those candles are probably a serious fire risk.

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The room was filled with people who knew each other, probably regulars in this class, said Mazza. The instructor was asking how everyone was, and Mazza was hiding in the corner hoping no one would notice her.

mom farts in yoga

Then the moment came, everyone began to take off their socks. Mazza describes her toes as hairy, so she didn’t want to remove her socks.


Hiding in the corner with her hairy toes, Mazza’s experience got even worse when the teacher shouted out “oh we have a new member tonight. We are blessed with the company of?” At first, Mazza replied with “oh yes, I’m blessed with your company.” But she quickly told everyone her name, Laura.


After the teacher asked her a few questions, the class began. They did the upward facing dog and quickly moved to the downward facing dog. Mazza mentioned that she has had IBS symptoms for a few weeks. When she farts, the smell is apparently unbearable according to her. So what happens between the dolphin position and the three-legged dog? She lets one rip!


According to Mazza, the smell was ripe, but it gets worse. They start to do a frog pose where the teacher walked around to push people lower to the ground. She comes over to Mazza, pushes on her back, and she lets one rip again! Mazza grabbed her shoes and ran out the door!


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